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Sherwood Audio Components

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Sherwood RX4105
RX-4105 200-Watt Stereo Receiver

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QuickShip RX4105   $93.99

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Sherwood RD7503
RD7503 100-Watt 7.1-Channel High-Performance A/V Receiver
7.1-Channel, 100W High-Performance A/V Receiver

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QuickShip RD7503   $319.99

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Sherwood RX4109
RX4109 Stereo Receiver
Unlike the budget stereo receivers now flooding the entry-level price points at dealers across the country, the Sherwood RX-4109 is designed and built in-house with the same quality and attention to detail we have been b ...

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QuickShip RX4109   $112.00

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Sherwood RX4503
RX4503 5.1 Surround Sound Receiver with Bluetooth
Sherwood RX-4503 Surround Sound Receiver, 100 watts x 2 virtual surround sound stereo receiver with optional Bluetooth, Dolby virtual speaker and headphone, 5.1 analog input for 2.1 right/left subwoofer for virtual surro ...

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QuickShip RX4503   $124.99

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Sherwood RX5502
RX-5502 Dual-Zone, Dual-Source Stereo Receiver - Black
  • Watts per Channel: 100
  • Type of Receiver: Stereo
  • Channels: 2
  • Radio Frequencies: AM and FM
  • Radio Station Programmable Memories (Presets): 30

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RX5502   $145.99

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Sherwood RD6504
RD6504 A/V Receiver - 5.1 Channel
Today's multi-component home theater systems must except at working with components including DVD and CD players, cassette decks, VCRs, and satellite or cable inputs - not to mention radio programming. Sherwood's A/V rec ...

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QuickShip RD6504   $219.99

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Sherwood CDC5090R
5-Disc Carousel CD Player

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QuickShip CDC5090R   $128.99
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