Samsung HTC6600

HT-C6600 5.1-Channel 1000W 3D Blu-Ray Disc Wi-Fi Home Theater System

Quick Specs:
Brand: Samsung
SKU: HTC6600
UPC: 036725617384
Width: 430"
Height: 63"
Depth: "
Technical Details
Features: Auto sound calibration
Sound System: Dolby TrueHD Embedded
Media Support: - Play
Formats Support: BD Video
Player/Recorder Type: BD Player
Recording Time: Not Applicable
Scanning Modes: Progressive Scan
Speaker Configuration: 5.1
Frequency Band/Bandwidth: FM
RMS Output Power: 1 kW
Internet Streaming: Yes

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Samsung HTC6600

Samsung HT-C6600 5.1-Channel 1000W 3D Blu-Ray Disc Wi-Fi Home Theater System
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SKU: HTC6600
Condition: Brand New Factory Sealed With 1 Year USA Warranty
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Move over "real world" . . . the HT-C6600 is in town. Because this is a Blu-ray Disc home theater system   complete with a six-speaker audio system   you expect both Full HD 1080p viewing and multichannel studio-quality surround sound. It's time, however, to add another expectation to your home theater exprience: 3D viewing. Thanks to integrated 3D-playback technology, the HT-C6600 allows you to enjoy an engaging, lifelike, and immersive home-theater visual exprience that's the perfect complement to Blu-ray surround sound. Samsung 3D technology relies upon the same principles of human sight that allow for the perception of depth to achieve a Full HD stereoscopic home experience. To truly experience 3D viewing at home, you will, of course, also need a 3D-capable HDTV, 3D active-shutter glasses, and a 3D Blu-ray movie.

Samsung HTC6600 Features:

A wireless, 5.1-channel multi-media powerhouse

The term "home theater system" doesn't really seem to do the Samsung HT-C6600 justice. We're thinking something more along the lines of home media oasis . . . It's a Blu-ray player, delivering Full HD 1080p video. It fills your living room with 5.1 channels of Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio-decoded surround sound. It lets you enjoy your favorite iPod playlists at home with the included iPod dock. It upconverts your DVD video to HD-equivalent levels. And then, it does something, well, utterly astounding . . . Fueling an ethernet port and Wi-Fi capability (USB adapter included) with Internet@TV, AllShare, and BD-Live technologies, the HT-C6600 lets you delve into the endless entertainment options available on the internet, from Netflix movies to online special features for your favorite Blu-ray titles to digital photos on your home computer. Oasis, powerhouse, theater system . . . whatever it is, there's nothing like it.

Going wireless

While you never tire of the Full HD audio and lossless surround sound served up by the Blu-ray Disc format, it is somewhat irksome to have to abandon your spot on the couch and head to the home office whenever you want to hop online. Whether you want to catch flick on Netflix, update your Twitter account, or nap while your custom Pandora internet radio station plays, you'd really rather do so from the luxuriant comfort of your living room. It's a natural response. Now, while other Blu-ray Disc HTIBs only play Blu-ray movies (the nerve!), and probably DVDs and CDs, too, the HT-C6600 from Samsung does something different. Very different. Combining Internet@TV, BD-Live, and AllShare technologies, this Samsung Blu-ray HTIB brings internet entertainment to you . . . using either the unit's ethernet port or built-in wireless connection. First, Internet@TV lets you tap into your pre-existing internet connection, from where you can stream movies or TV shows from Netflix (with separate subscription), tweet on Twitter, listen custom radio on Pandora, watch the latest craze on YouTube, and more. Second, AllShare technology allows you to sync up with your home computer or network for fast access to music, video, and photos. Third, BD-Live functionality works directly with select Blu-ray Disc titles to dramatically enhance your viewing experience   watch deleted scenes or movie shorts, participate in online gaming, or even chat with other BD-Live users via audio and video messaging. (And for out-of-the box BD-Live operation, the HT-C6600 features 1GB of built-in flash memory.) So, whether you go wired or wireless, the HT-C6600 lets you discover new home theater possibilities.

Not just audio . . . Blu-ray surround sound

Now, before we go too far, here, let's stop and emphasize a very important point: the HT-C6600 is a Blu-ray home theater system. In other words, it's not merely a Blu-ray player. (Although, for the record, there's no such thing as a mere Samsung Blu-ray player.) This is a Blu-ray player with reinforcements . . . of the audio persuasion. Serving up a full, 5.1-channel surround sound listening experience, the HT-C6600 includes two front-channel speakers, two rear surround speakers, a center-channel speaker, and a subwoofer . . . all pumping out your favorite movie's soundtrack with a whopping 1000W of total output power. And then . . . fueling your auditory experience are Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio decoding technologies. You see, not only do Blu-ray movies offer Full HD 1080p video, but they also deliver lossless, studio-quality surround sound. In other words, the listening experience that the director intended for you to have. And the heavy hitting likes of Dolby and dts decoding ensure that the HD listening experience is unleashed with full, uncompromised fidelity and clarity. The Samsung HT-C6600   HD for your eyes and your ears.

Bring on the iPod

Let's be honest: you don't really like to leave your iPod or iPhone out of anything you do. We understand; you can hardly be blamed. And with a home theater system of the HT-C6600's caliber in your living room, it certainly seems a shame to have to exclude all your favorite playlists from the home theater experience. At least, that's what we suspect went through the minds of the folks at Samsung . . . you see, they've equipped the HT-C6600 with an iPod/iPhone dock. Not only can you instantly begin enjoying all your iPod's music on the HT-C6600's audio system, but thanks to built-in MP3-enhancer technology, all your tracks sound better than ever. Bring on the iPod.

The new color of home theater: Blu

Okay, so Blu-ray discs look just like DVDs . . . so how much different can they be, really Let's just say a trampoline and a mackerel have more in common. While DVD technology uses a wide red laser to encode and read data onto a disc, Blu-ray Disc technology uses a much finer, blue-violet laser. And because the Blu-ray laser is so much narrower than the DVD laser, it is able to encode significantly more information into the same space as a DVD. How much more information Try five times more! As a result, Blu-ray discs can store both Full HD 1080p and multichannel, lossless, studio-quality surround sound on the same disc. And, on top of that, there's still room for plenty of bonus features like deleted scenes and director commentary. (DVDs, on the other hand, scarcely have room enough for standard-definition video and 5.1 channels of compressed audio.) Prepare yourself for the new color of home theater: Blu.

Beyond BD

Some people call them "specialized" or "dedicated", but these days, home theater components that only do one thing are limited, and aren't that useful. As you go about building a complete home theater system, you want A/V components that can fulfill multiple roles, keeping costs low and minimizing clutter in your living room. Accordingly, Samsung has designed the HT-C6600 to do more than play Blu-ray movies. Of course, this BD player also plays a variety of DVD and CD formats, allowing you to continue enjoying your old movies and albums. But that's just the beginning. Ensuring that you can share digital HD home-video footage with friends and family, the HT-C6600 supports AVCHD video recorded onto DVD discs. Further, giving you access to video downloaded from online sources, the HT-C6600 also supports DivX and DivX HD-formatted video recorded onto BD-R, DVD, and CD discs or onto a USB thumbdrive. Finally, this Samsung Blu-ray player even lets you listen to MP3 and WMA audio or view JPEG photos stored on DVD, CD, or USB.

Up, up, and away!

Speaking of the HT-C6600's ability to play video from sources other than Blu-ray Disc . . . it doesn't just play DVD, AVCHD, and DivX video as is, it does so with style. You see, this BD player is equipped with video-upconversion technology. In short, the HTC-6600 is capable of enhancing standard-definition video sources to near-HD, 1080p-equivalent levels when connected to your video display via HDMI. You probably should go dig all your DVDs out of the trash before garbage day . . . they're about to look better than ever.


While most Blu-ray players and home theater systems only offer an HDMI output, the HT-C6600 does something just a little different . . . Thanks to this BD HTIB's dual HDMI inputs you can use the Blu-ray player/receiver unit as an HD home theater hub. Connect other HDMI equipped devices like HD gaming consoles or HD digital camcorders, and route their HD video signal through the HT-C6600 to your HDTV. The HT-C6600's HDIM inputs eliminate the need for additional expensive A/V equipment like a receiver. And, HDMI v1.4 capability is ideal for transmitting Full HD 3D Blu-ray video.

The advanced connectivity of HDMI

Bringing you the absolute best in connectivity, Samsung's HT-C6600 features one HDMI output and two HDMI inputs. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the only interface in consumer electronics that can carry both uncompressed high-definition (HD) video and uncompressed multi-channel audio in all HD formats including 720p, 1080i and even 1080p. Your incoming media content comes in a variety of sizes, resolutions and formats, and with that in mind, HDMI systems automatically configure to display that content in the most effective format. Since HDMI carries all channels on video and audio, there is only one cable to plug into any HDMI-enabled source and display device. No more complicated cable set-up when installing your home theater system, and no more ugly cable mess behind your components. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on this single cable. Also, HDMI is fully backward-compatible with DVI. (Please note that a physical adapter, sold separately, is needed to make the conversion from HDMI to DVI.)

Your HD lifeline

High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is the only home A/V connection that allows for both Full HD 1080p video and multichannel, studio-quality audio to be passed along a single cable. In other words, in order to take full advantage of your home theater's high definition potential, you need to HDMI cabling to link HD-capable components. It's only natural that you might have questions regarding how best to outfit your personal HD system. Vann's sales representatives are here to explain all of your options. Call the 800 number at the top of this page for expert advice.

Samsung HTC6600 Specifications:

Comparison Specifications

  • Disc player: Single-disc Blu-ray Disc player with support for DVD, CD, AVCHD, DivX, DivX HD, MP3, JPEG, WMA, and WMV
  • Power output: 1000W total power / 5.1 total channels / Crystal Amp Pro
  • Decoding and processing: Dolby TrueHD, Digital, ProLogic II, Digital Plus / dts-HD Master Audio, dts, 96/24
  • Satellite speakers: Two 2-way front-channel speakers / Two 1-way rear-channel speakers
  • Center-channel speaker: One 2-way speaker
  • Subwoofer: 1 passive subwoofer
  • Digital audio connections: 1 digital optical audio input
  • Best video connections: 1 HDMI v1.4 output, 2 inputs

Additional Specifications

  • 3D Blu-ray Disc playback
  • Networking: Wi-Fi capability (via included LinkStick USB adapter) / Ethernet port / DLNA compatible
  • Internet@TV online applications, including Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, BLOCKBUSTER, and more
  • AllShare streaming from PC or home network / BD-Live with 1GB of built-in memory
  • iPod compatibility: iPod/iPhone dock included
  • Playable formats: Blu-ray Video / DVD-Video, DVD R, DVD RW / CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW / AVCHD / DivX, DivX HD / MP3, WMA, WMV / JPEG
  • Video upscaling to 1080p via HDMI
  • Other connectivity: 1 ethernet port / 1 USB port / 1 component-video out / 1 composite-video out / 1 analog audio in
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Blu-ray Disc features: BD-Wise / BD-Profile 2.0

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Audio features: Smart Volume / MP3-enhancer / Power Bass / Auto Sound Calibration
  • FM radio tuner
  • Intelligent power / Eco Power Management System
  • Auto Sound Calibration microphone included
  • DSP modes: 8
  • Blu-ray player/receiver dimensions: 16.9" W x 2.4" H x 13.0" D / 8.4 lbs
  • Front-channel speaker dimensions: 3.5" W x 8.2" H x 2.7" D / 1.5 lbs
  • Center-channel speaker dimensions: 14.2" W x 2.9" H x 2.7" D / 1.3 lbs
  • Rear-channel speaker dimensions: 3.5" W x 5.6" H x 2.7" D / 1.3 lbs
  • Subwoofer dimensions: 6.6" W x 13.8" H x 11.6" D / 10.3 lbs

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