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JVC RSAL1 Anamorphic Lens
Brand: JVC
Part Number: RSAL1

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Product Details:


The RSAL1 is a high performance anamorphic add-on lens installed in front of digital projectors to convert them to a higher (wider) aspect ratio. The RSAL1 can be used for constant height 2.35:1 imaging as either a moveable lens (electronic vertical image stretch required for 2.35:1 content) or a fixed lens (both electronic vertical stretch and horizontal squeeze [for non-2.35:1 content] required).


  • Black aluminum and molded plastic housing with included black aluminum bracket.
  • Total lens weight with bracket of approximately 8.5 pounds (3.8 Kg).
  • Lens dimension without bracket is approximately 5.4" wide x 5" high x 7.6" long.
  • Large entrance aperture of 3.1" x 3.1" (4.3" diagonal) for maximum versatility.
  • Five element, 100% glass, patented, fully multicoated optical design corrected for chromatic aberration and astigmatism in standard home cinema environments.
  • Accepts even large beams and produces low distortion and exceptional image quality up to and beyond 1080 resolution at throw ratios down to 1.6 (image distance divided by pre-lens image).
  • Supports throw ratios down to 1.4 when used with smaller beams and curved projection screens.
  • No change in focus when moved in and out of the projection beam.