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RepairMaster ARMTT11000 - 1-year Extended Warranty For LCD Flat Panel - Under $1,000
Brand: RepairMaster
Part Number: ARMTT11000

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Product Details:


1 year extension of the manufacturers warranty, including all parts and labor. If original manufacturers warranty includes in-home service, this 1 year extension is also in-home. If original manufacturers warranty is carry-in, this 1 year extension is also carry-in.

The RepairMaster program is based on the dollar amount of the sale of product excluding tax and delivery. The program is a customer registration so that retail sales people require no paperwork. The customer can now register the contract via Internet.

The RepairMaster Service Plan on TVs mirrors the manufacturer’s warranty in its coverage; it covers everything that the manufacturer covers. If you have an in-home factory warranty then the extended warranty is also in-home.

With the exception of our replacement warranties, all contracts are date of purchase inclusive of the manufacturer’s warranty. The customer can call Warrantech during the manufacturer’s warranty, however we will soft transfer the customer to the manufacturer for service. The extensions begin at the conclusion of the shortest portion of the manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer’s warranty were 90 days labor and one year parts, the extended warranty would begin on the 91st day and run for the duration of the contract period. Date of Purchase Contracts begin at once including the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Under $1,000
  • Service location: on-site
  • Includes CRT televisions (non-projection), LCD flat panel televisions, CRT combo and LCD with DVD