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Excalibur STR604D Crime Guard 60-watt universal 4-bulb strobe kit
Brand: Excalibur
Part Number: STR604D


Product Details:


This high-powered STR-604D strobe kit from Crime Guard offers you plenty of brightness when you need it most. Install the kit on construction and emergency vehicles which require the maximum illumination at night, or use the kit to make your ride shine at the next car show. The kit includes four 60-watt bulbs, power supply, and shielded connecting cables, and you can select from eight different flash patterns.

The strobe kit can also add extra effectiveness to your vehicles security system. The kit features a dedicated input that connects to your cars security system, so you can program bright flashing lights to activate when the alarm is triggered. Warranty: 90 days.

Note: Laws governing the use of custom lighting vary from state to state. These products are not street legal in some states, and are recommended for off-road or show-car use only. Please check with your local authorities before purchasing.


Overview: The Omega STR-60-4D "Police-type" Strobe Kit contains 4 strobe heads, a power supply, a 2-way switch, power and control harnesses, and 60 of 3-conductor wire for installing this system in your vehicle. The Strobe Kit can be used independently, or in conjunction with your car alarm. There are 8 different flashing patterns to choose from.

Power Supply: The power supply is the brains to the system. It has six 3-pin connectors for the power harness, control harness, and four strobe outputs. The strobes are wired in pairs which flash at different times, creating multiple patterns. Strobe 1 and 3 fire together, Strobe 2 and 4 fire together, and 1 & 3 alternate firing with 2 & 4. The power supply can accept an input voltage of 11 to 30 volts DC.

Strobe Heads: The Xenon strobe heads are designed to be installed in 1" diameter holes behind the lenses of your parking lights, fog lights, or other lights in the vehicle. If you are not installing them in existing lights, a 1" hole can be drilled and the heads inserted in place. Note: Please consult local and state regulations to keep your vehicle street legal.

Flash Patterns: The strobe kit allows you to select different flash patterns depending upon which wire in the control harness gets voltage. The 8 flash patterns are as follows:

1 Shutdown
2 Quad Flash, (1 Alt 2)
3 Quad Flash, (3 Alt 4)
4 Quad Flash, (1&3 Alt 2&4)
5 Mega/Quintuple Flash, Hi/Lo Pwr (1&3 Alt 2&4)
6 Double Flash, (1 Alt 2)
7 Double Flash, (3 Alt 4)
8  Double Flash, (1&3 Alt 2&4)

Wiring: The kit comes with four 15 shielded extension wires. These 3-conductor wires all have metal contact pins on the ends and can be easily inserted into the supplied socket or pin connectors. In addition, the cable shields can be connected to grounding points on the power supply. The only hardwiring required is for connecting the power and control harnesses to power/ground, the alarm and the switch. If you wish to have the capability of switching all the different flash patterns during operation, additional switches can be used. Note: No wiring is supplied from the battery to the power supply. You should use 18-gauge wire for runs up to 7 feet, 16-gauge wire for 7-14 foot runs, 14-gauge for 14-25 and 12-gauge for lengths of 25-35. The power cable should also be fused at the battery connection.

Optional Wiring: The control and power harnesses are equipped with wires which can provide some extra options, if desired:

  • Smart Security Function: The control harness contains a blue wire which can be connected to your car alarms siren output. When the strobe kit is integrated into your alarm, the strobes will flash, creating an immense warning effect when the alarm is triggered.
  • Low Power Option: The power harness green wire allows you to operate your strobe kit in a low power mode, which can be useful for display cars or in a showroom. If not permanently connected, the green wire can be wired with the 2-way switch to turn on the low power mode or turn off low power and strobe at full brightness.