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Bello Leather Wedge Arm Connector for Home Theater Recliner In Brown
Brand: Bello
Part Number: HTS104BN

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We believe home theater seating should be Simply Beautiful from every angle. Attention to detail is the most important part of our design process. Our Italian designed seating has the meticulous attention to detail that has made BellO world famous. Room placement may put the back or side of the seat in a main focal point of your room. When you compare the finely appointed, tailored look of our seats you will see they are more elegant and finished that most other chairs at any price. We understand that beauty is more than skin deep. Sit or recline in our HTS100 and you will find an inviting yet well supported seat. It looks and feels like very expensive, custom built seating. However, BellO has taken high quality luxury home theater seating to a new level of affordability.


  • Wedge Connector for Arc-Design Multi-Seating is used between components to create an arc configuration.
  • There are connectors on both sides of the chair for attachment to an adjacent chair or component
  • Front width: 6"
  • Rear width: 12.75 "
  • Luxurious leather with leather-matched materials