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Sanyo PLC-XP200L 4LCD Multimedia Projector w/o Lens
Brand: Sanyo
Part Number: PLCXP200L

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The demand for ever brighter projectors continues for video displays in extremely large venues such as convention halls, conference rooms, auditoriums and houses of worship. However, as brightness levels increase on 3LCD projectors, there is a reverse effect in color reproduction. Colors become noticeably washed out, lacking vibrancy and realism. A true XGA super bright, large venue multimedia projector, the Sanyo PLC-XP200L incorporates Sanyos latest optical engine, called 4LCD, which adds a proprietary "Color Control Device" to the existing R/G/B panels found in 3LCD projectors. The additional Color Control Device in the 4LCD optical engine allows the PLC-XP200L to automatically control the amount of yellow light in the image, producing higher luminosity with improved color accuracy and clarity.

Overcoming the limitations of 3LCD technology, PLC-XP200L is capable of extremely high luminosity without the trade off in color accuracy. Rated at an amazing 7000 lumens coupled with a high contrast ratio of 2200:1, the PLC-XP200L is capable of generating clearer, richer and more beautiful images than was ever possible with high brightness 3LCD projectors.

The PLC-XP200L features right/left/up/down lens shifting function and centered lens layout, ceiling and rear projection, perpendicular omnidirectional projection and a variety of lens options. It uses a single 330-watt lamp and is equipped with a full 10-bit video circuit for extraordinary picture quality. It also includes Sanyos exclusive Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system that automatically detects airflow and advances clean filter material when needed. The result is less maintenance and increased reliability. Using this system, filter cartridges can last up to 10,000 hours. For added versatility, optional PJ-Net Organizer Plus software allows for control and administration of projectors via a network.


High Quality Projection
Durable In-Organic Optical System (D.I.O.S.) allows for extended projector usage and a 330W NSHA lamp combined with Sanyos high-contrast optical system with Micro Lens technology deliver an impressive 7000 ANSI lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 2200:1.
Progressive integrated circuit provides highly improved playback of moving images. 1080 interlaced signals are converted into progressive signals while 2-3 Pulldown doubles the resolution of images from DVD playback.
Sanyos color management system allows you to change the shading of a specific color in the image to a desired shade without affecting other colors or adjustment, such as tint or white balance.

High Performance
Projection lens can be moved up/down (vertical) 0 to 50%, right/left (horizontal) 10% with the motor-driven lens shift function. This ensures image projection at any angle of up to 360, allowing ceiing or floor image projection. Zoom and focus can also be adjusted with motor-driven operation.
Optional interchangeable lenses makes on-site setup easier by serving as a guide for setting adjustments. (Includes a total of 8 built-in patterns). Lenses are easily replaced without removing the cabinet.
Security functions ensure unwanted use or theft of the projector With the Key lock function, you can lock the operation on the top control or remote control. PIN code lock functions prevents unauthorized use of the projector.
Built-in mechanical shutter prevents light from entering the presenters eyes when in front of the projected image. The shutter is placed behind the lens, and open/closed with the remote control, which will temporarily darken the screen.

Easy Maintenance
Cabinet design has improved air flow system with a sophisticated design One-Way Flow System, and a filter monitor system which is an efficient temperature control system that cools the projector with single intake and exhaust vents.
The PLC-XP200L embodies both beauty and practicality with its accessible panel. Users can effortlessly flip open its top panel to maintain/clean the Prism Block system. Well maintained LCD Panels will significantly reduce artifact from projected images.
Sanyos exclusive Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system consists of a filter cartridge with ten lengths of filter material and built-in airflow and air pressure sensors that detect intake airflow during operation. When the sensors detect a clogged filter due to airflow falling below a certain threshold, the system automatically advances a clean section of filter to replace the dirty surface, eliminating the need to clean the filter. When the last section of filter material becomes obstructed an on-screen graphic appears notifying the user to change the cartridge. Each filter lasts approximately 10,000 hours with a cartridge lifecycle of about 2 years (based on 14 hrs/day projector use). The filters are easy to replace due to the side loading access on the projector.

Shutter Management function turns off the projection lamp when the projector is left with the shutter closed and the set time has passed away. The count-down time can be set between 5 and 180 minutes.
User Logo function for customizing a start-up screen using captured images or logos.
Power management function reduces power consumption and maintains the lamp life.
Use the remote control as wired and wireless, or as a PC wireless mouse. Eight remote control codes and selectable pointer shapes are also available. Pointer function helps you make a smart presentation on a projected screen.
Operation menu is available in 12 languages.

Network Connectivity, Control and Administration
The PLC-XP200L can be connected to a computer network via the optional PJ-Net Organizer Plus (POA-PN03C) for advanced management and control capabilities. Projectors located in several different locations can be controlled from a single computer using your normal web browser, there is no need for any special software. Functions such as power status, lamp status, input mode, signal condition, lamp use time, etc. can be monitored using a web browser. When abnormalties such as lamp or power failure occur, an e-mail alert can be sent, while an automatic timer function can turn on or off a series of projectors at a specified day, date and time.
- When abnormalities such as lamp failure or power failure occur, or if the projector malfunctions, an e-mail alert message can be sent to the registered e-mail addresses.
-An Automatic Timer function can turn on or off a series of projectors at a specified day, date and time. You can program the days and times of projector use (maximum 10 events) so that the projector will automatically switch on and off. The timer can be programmed to run every day or every week, or for specific days.
-Check on the condition of the projector or adjust the controls in the following ways:
Projector condition: lamp use time, projector use time, in-store condition, power supply, input information
Projector controls: power (on/off), input mode, PC, system, image, and other settings
Saving/downloading of settings: input mode, system, image and screen settings can be stored or downloaded
-With Multi-Control, a single computer can control and setup multiple projectors at the same time. Up to 99 projectors can be operated from a single computer without the need for any special control boxes or software.
-PJ-Net Organizer Plus is equipped with an RS-232C port. This allows control systems such as AMX and Crestron to be used in parallel with these network control components.
Installed on a PC or server, the optional PJ-Master Software (POA-PJNM01) allows centralized control of PJ-Net Organizer-mounted projectors over a network. Provides even more sophistcated monitoring and control of a much larger group (up to 1000) of projectors.


Image Display
Projector Display System 1.3" TFT Poly-Si x 3
Native Resolution 1024 x 768 XGA
Number of Pixels 786,432 x3 = 2,359,296
Contrast Ratio 2200:1 (full on/off)
Aspect Ratio 4:3 native
HDTV Compatibility 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1035/60i, 1080/60i, 1080/50i
Lens System
Lens Six optional lenses to choose from
Focus/Zoom Adjusting Dependent on lens
Lens Shift Yes
Recommended Projection Size Dependent on lens
Keystone Correction +/-40 Vertical, +/-20 Horizontal
Others Features Ceiling Mountable
Rear Screen Projection
Projection Tilt Option
Built-in Speaker None
Input/Output Connectors
Input Terminals


D-sub 15-pin
DVI-I x1 (w/HDCP)
RGBHV or Composite/Component video (BNC x5)
Stereo mini jack x2
Output Terminals
D-Sub 15-pin
Variable Audio out (mini jack)
Control Protocol RS-232
USB(type B)
Lamp (Bulb) 330W NSHA
Fan Noise 330W NSHA
Others Features Remote Control
Power Requirementss
Weight 25.8 lbs (11.7 kg)
Dimensions 14.56" W  x 7.36 H x 17.32" D