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Sanyo PLC-XC50 Ultra Portable LCD Projector
Brand: Sanyo
Part Number: PLCXC50

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There is an abundance of video input terminals including a DVI-I (digital and analog video), component video and D-Sub 15-pin. Input signal compatibility includes up to UXGA, and it is compatible with HD resolutions including 720p and 1080i as well as standard definition (480i/p and 575i/p). Additional features include a powerful built-in 7-watt speaker, closed captions (CC), and Black Board and Color Board modes.


High Quality Viewing
• Employs three 0.63" polysilicon thin-film transistor LCD panels for projection of true XGA (1024 x768) resolution images.
• 220-watt UHP lamp delivers outstanding brightness of 2600 lumens and well-balanced color reproduction.
• Automatic vertical keystone correction of +/-20° is provided to compensate for keystone picture distortion.
• Compatible with HDTV (480i, 480p, 575i, 575p, 720p, 1035i, and 1080i), as well as NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M and PAL-N signals.
High Performance
• Projects onto a 40" to 300" screen from up to 42-feet away.
• 1/2x to 16x digital zoom function (for computer) complements the 1.2x optical zoom, increasing the flexibility with which the PLC-XC50 can be positioned for use.
• Equipped with an internal 7-watt speaker, the projector is loud enough for an average classroom or business meeting room, eliminating the need for an external audio system.
• To aid the built-in 7-watt speaker, closed captioning (NTSC) provides the audio portion of a television signal as printed words on the projected screen, which is helpful to hearing impaired students.
• Variable audio output lets you control the audio right from the projector. This helps to ensure the technical quality of the presentation and eliminate the fuss of separate outside audio controls.
Easy Maintenance
• Ingestion of dust into the projector leads to reduced brightness and a deterioration in picture quality. The PLC-XC50 features a dust-resistant design that limits the movement of air through the projector to the intake and exhaust vents. Use of a large but very fine filter keeps even microscopic dust from entering the projector.
• A lens cover helps keep dust from finding its way into the projector around the lens, a longstanding problem with conventional designs. A sliding cover plays the same role for the focus and zoom controls.
• Exclusive Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) is a unique filtration system consisting of a filter cartridge with ten lengths of filter material and built-in airflow and air pressure sensors that detect intake airflow during operation. When the sensors detect a clogged filter due to airflow falling below a certain threshold, the filter is advanced automatically to replace the dirty surface with a clean one, eliminating the need to clean the filter. When the last section of filter material becomes obstructed an on-screen graphic appears telling the user to change the cartridge. Each filter lasts approximately 3000 hours.
High Security
• A security bar in the corner of the device delivers enhanced security performance by accommodating commercially available wire cables up to 11 mm in diameter. These strong cables are an effective way to prevent equipment theft.
• On-board PIN number locks the projector when not in use, plus only the designated administrator is allowed to operate on-board buttons and logo-controlled settings. This makes it possible to prevent unintended changes to settings and unauthorized operation by third parties, enabling the projector to be used with peace of mind even in permanent installations, like a classroom.
• Equipped with DVI-I computer input with HDCP, 15-pin computer or component video input, RGB monitor output, composite and S-Video input and two audio inputs. Variable audio output allows users to control the audio level right from the projector.
• When a screen is not available, the Black Board Mode allows projection in the class room on the black board (green only). It adjusts white balance and gamma to project intelligible images that look similar to those projected on an ordinary white screen. Also compatible with four variously colored (red, blue, green, and yellow) projection surfaces via Color Board Mode. This mode adjusts the colors to make images look similar to those projection to an ordinary white screen.
• Auto setup function searches for an input signal and performs keystone correction once the projector is put in place and turned on, simplifying setup.
• User Logo function for customizing a start-up screen using captured images or logos.
• Power management function reduces power consumption and maintains the lamp life.
• An easy-off function enables the projector to be unplugged immediately without waiting for the lamp to cool down. Lamp replacement is from the top of the cabinet, and you are able to change the lamp even while the projector is installed on the ceiling through an easy access panel.
• Presentation timer shows a running clock on the display screen.


Native Res.: XGA
Brightness: 2600 ANSI lumens
Colors: N/A
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Technology: 3LCD - 0.63in TFT Polysilicon
Contrast Ratio: 450:1
Compatibility: •Native: 1024x768
•Computer: VGA, SVGA, XGA, [SXGA, SXGA+, UXGA (Compatible)]
•Video: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i - Displays Up to 720p
•Video/Color Signal: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Inputs (Video): DVI-I (HDCP); Mini D-Sub 15 (RGB/VGA); Component Through VGA; S-video; RCA Composite
Outputs (Video): Mini D-Sub 15 (RGB/VGA)
Inputs (Audio): RCA Stereo (L&R); Stereo Mini Jack (3.5mm) x2
Outputs (Audio): Stereo Mini Jack (3.5mm)
Weight: 8.82 lbs.
Dimensions: 16.1in W 3.4in H 10.4in D
Features: •Ultraportable
•Active Maintenance Filter System
•7W Speaker
•Closed Captioning
Warranty: 3-Years Limited Parts and Labor Warranty, 90 Days on Lamp Warranty, Quick Repair Program (See details under Features Tab and Return/Repair Policy under Shipping & Returns tab.)
Projector Uses: •Power Consumption: 304W (Normal); 216W (Eco Mode)
•Power Requirements: AC 100-120/200-240V 50/60Hz
•Viewable Size: 40"-300"
•Color Wheel: 4 Segment (RGBW)
•Uniformity: 85% (Center to Corner)
•Digital Keystone Correction: ±20° Vertical
•Throw Distance: 4.6-41.7
•Lens Throw Ratio: 1.72-2.07:1
•Zoom/Focus Adjustment: 1:1.2 Manual Zoom
•Operational Noise: 34dB (Normal); 27.5dB (Eco Mode)
•Control Inputs: D-Sub 9 Port;
•Control Outputs: N/A
•Audio: 7W Mono Speaker