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Panasonic ET-LA780 Lamp Unit for PT-L780 series
Brand: Panasonic
Part Number: ETLA780

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Product Details:


Original replacement lamp for the Panasonic PTL780 / 780NTU Projectors. It is always good to keep a spare lamp on-hand because you never know when you will need it until you turn on the projector. You might be preparing your quarterly presentation in the executive boardroom, warming up for a sales pitch for your most important customer, or sitting down to watch a film with your family.

Suddenly the excitement of being prepared is interrupted by the realization that the lamp in your projector is just a little too old, or maybe it took too big of a bump during your travel. If you have a spare lamp, you can change it immediately. If not, you imagine yourself on a long stretch of road in the middle of the desert with a flat tire, 50 miles to the next gas station and no spare in the trunk. What will you do?


  • Replacement lamp for Panasonic PTL780 / 780NTU projectors
  • Easy to replace
  • A quality Panasonic product