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Audiiovox APS997A Remote Start And Security System
Brand: Audiiovox
Part Number: APS997A


Product Details:


Audiovox Aps997a Remote Start And Security System 


  • 1 Two Way 5 Button Remote Control And 1 One Way 5 Button Remote Control
  • Six Channel Code Learning Programmable Receiver
  • External Superheterodyne Transceiver Antenna
  • Single Or Two User Programmable W/Separate Control Outputs
  • Single Button Lock/Unlock or Separate Button Lock/Unlock or Both
  • Remote Keyless Entry With Optional Access Guard (must have power door locks)
  • Selectable Manual Override Mode
  • New Enhanced Panic Feature (Any button other than unlock stops siren, no change to the units state)
  • Smart Disarm (If triggered, elect to shut off siren, or disarm entire unit )
  • Adjustable Shock Sensor Via The Transmitter (Pre-Detect Off, Pre & Full Detect Off, City Mode)
  • Safe Start Output Controlled From Channel 3 (Option Channel 3 For Trunk, Or For R/S)
  • 24 Hour Time Start Mode
  • Cold Temperature Start Mode
  • 2 or 4 Hour Automatic Start Mode
  • Parking Meter Count Down Timer On LCD Remote
  • Additional Count Down Timer Mode
  • Remote Panic In All Modes (Press & Hold Lock /Unlock Button for 3 Seconds to Engage)
  • Improved Custom Code Override, User Selectable and Programmable
  • Protected Push Button Valet/Override Switch
  • 7-Function LED-Arm / Disarm / Zone 1 / Zone 2 / Zone 3 / Valet / Arming
  • Intrusion Alert With Memory
  • Instant Siren Activation
  • Starter Disable Output
  • Additional Engine Immobilizer Output, (Optional Relay Required)
  • True Last Door Arming (Hardwire Only)
  • Defective Zone By-Pass
  • Defective Zone Chirp Confirmation (Unit Chirps to Report Zone Cleared)
  • 6 Tone Mini Siren
  • Car Horn Output For Additional Alarm Response (Improved Timing to Minimize RF Interference.
  • Additional Negative Trigger Input (Hood and Trunk)
  • RF Inhibit With Ignition On
  • Parking Light Flasher (Relay On Board)
  • Plug In Dual Stage Shock Sensor (Pre-detect, Full Trigger and City Mode)
  • Audible Arm, Disarm, Defect, and Tamper Chirp Indications
  • Headlight Control Output
  • Illuminated Entry Control Output
  • Active or Passive Arming Selectable
  • Programmable Auto Lock On / Off
  • Programmable Auto Unlock On / Off/Drivers Door/All Doors
  • Programmable Door Lock Pulse Duration 1 Second / 3.5 Seconds/1 Sec L/ Dbl. U/L
  • Programmable Active or Passive Door Locks
  • User Programmable Permanent Chirp Delete
  • On Command RF Chirp Delete from Transmitter or Selectable Through Software
  • Dome Delay Learn Circuitry (Patent Pending)
  • New Cosmetic Skin on Transmitters