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Sachtler Sachtler system 18 SB ENG 2D 1861 Tripod
Brand: Sachtler
Part Number: 1861

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The Sachtler System 18/1861 with Video 18 SB Fluid Head, ENG 2D Tripod, Ground-Level Spreader, and ENG-2 Cover includes the Video 18 Fluid head with Speed Balance, the ENG 2 Dural Aluminum double extension tripod, and the ENG 2 Cover. The Video 18 fluid head has a temperature-independent frictionless damping system with five levels of drag, and ten counterbalance levels, enabling operators to capture the most riveting scenes with the greatest of ease in any setting. The ENG 2D two-stage tripod uses Dural aluminum leg sections. It features a 100 mm bowl, and is fitted with fast-action leg locks. A ground-level spreader completes the package by ensuring absolute stability regardless of the working surface, and the ENG 2 Cover securely contains the whole kit for transport.


Frictionless fluid damping with five levels of drag
A prerequisite for perfect shots is pan and tilt movements without jerks or vibrations. Sachtlers patented damping system takes everything in stride. The individual modules are nearly frictionless and contain no hydraulic oil, thus, completely leak proof. The damping action is identical across both horizontal and vertical planes and offers five steps of drag for smooth moves in the most strenuous conditions. The operator may also completely disengage the drag for fast panning without affecting the dynamic counterbalance system.
Ten step dynamic counterbalancing system
Using torsion springs the dynamic counterbalancing system compensates for torque as the camera tilts, preventing it from inadvertently tipping, and ensuring that it is stable at any angle (freeing the operator to concentrate fully on camerawork). These springs you may adjust individually and independently from the damping system; as such, they work silently and without maintenance.
Sliding balance plate
The sliding balance plate with a 4.7" (120 mm) sliding range allows the operator to compensate precisely for a variety of configuration weights, ensuring perfect balance across the horizontal plane.
Vibration-less vertical and horizontal disc brakes for maximum safety in fast-paced reporting situations.
Bubble level
Built-in illuminated bubble for horizontal leveling uses a conventional battery and ensures easy leveling even under unfavorable lighting conditions.
Fast-action leg locks
Rapid, secure cam-based system locks tripod legs in seconds.


Load Capacity
40 lb (18 kg)
Maximum Height
59" (150 cm)
Minimum Height
15.6" (40 cm)
Folded Length
27.2" (69 cm)
Leveling Bubble/Illuminated
Yes / Yes
13.2 lb (6 kg)
3-Year Warranty
Counter Balance System
Torsion Springs with 10 steps
Quick Release/Wedge Plate
Yes (Cat #1064)
Balance Plate
Yes- 120 mm
Tilt Drag
Fluid- five levels of drag
Tilt Range
Tilt Lock
Disc brake
Pan Drag
Fluid- five levels of drag
Pan Range
Pan Lock
Disc brake
Dural Aluminum
Head Attachment Fitting
100 mm
Leg Stages/Sections
2 / 3
Leg Lock Type
Independent Leg Spread
Spiked/Retractable Feet