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Barco R9003081 iQ Pro G500, LCD Projector, 5000 ANSI Lumens, 1024x768 XGA Native Resolution, 800:1 Contrast Ratio (R90-03080, iQProG500, iQPro G500, iQPro-G500, iQ Pro, G500)
Brand: Barco
Part Number: R9003081

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Product Details:


Truly wireless presentations

No need to bring your laptop to the meeting

Retrieve your presentation from the LAN or the hard disk of the iQ Pro projector

Transmit files in any format (presentations, data, graphics, etc.) over the LAN to the iQ Pro projector

 Effective collaborative meetings

The iQ Pro projector includes a powerful server platform with upgradeable Pentium III socket
- 1.3 GHz processor
- 256 MB RAM
- 40 GB Hard Disk storage
- Video memory up to 64 MB
- Microsoft® XP Operating System
- Barco server software for network communication between iQ Pro server and clients

Collaborative meetings
- display content from various laptops instantly on the screen, either one by one or simultaneously: no longer  necessary to disconnect and pass the RGB cable
- transfer control over a presentation to various meeting participants easily and quickly
- have all files (spread sheets, drawings, etc.) at hand, files can be retrieved from the LAN and projected as needed

 Streaming Media ready

Virtual meetings
- follow a presentation from a remote location and view the same image on your laptop as meeting participants see on the screen in the meeting room
- transfer files from a remote location to the projector in the meeting room 
- take mouse and keyboard control of the presentation and projector, from a remote location

retrieve your videos straight from the corporate network (LAN)

no longer needed to have a video recorder connected to the projector

Remote control & diagnostics

save frequently used presentations and digital video material on the iQ Pros server (hard disk), and launch them from there 

Remote management of networked projectors 
- Start up your fleet of projectors simultaneously at the beginning of the day, based on the use of the meeting rooms.
- Software updates can be done over the network.

Show multiple sources simulateously

Faster diagnostics, improved maintenance and service
- View status of all crucial parameters remotely
- Emails can be sent by the iQ Pro projector to inform the AV Facility Manager about the projectors lamp life, system operation, etc.

Display simultaneouly  two data and one video image from different sources 
- add effective images alongside your presentation, like your ad campaign, live news broadcasts, a DVD source or a product drawing.
 - easily compare data from different sources: show 2 data sources simultaneously, allowing you to compare data side by side.

 Position and size your source windows on the screen
- Resize and move the source windows on the screen to create the perfect layout for your meeting.
- Save and load your preferred settings and screen arrangement, allowing you to recall it instantly.

Seamless source switching

Digitally zoom inside a window and scroll for the details you want to emphasize.

Switch sources on-the-fly without distracting on-screen warning messages or irritating waiting intervals.
Switch to another source, faster than you can switch TV channels. 

Switch sources using special transition effects. Use special effects like fade-in/out or vertical curtain to change sources

Standard light shutter. The light shutter button on the remote control, enables you to hold back the light of the projector.

Innovative dual-lamp design

All iQ Series projectors come with our advanced dual-lamp system, providing guaranteed uninterrupted presentations.

Make sure your logo is always there! Pre-program your company logo or some other appropriate image to appear on the screen during intermissions or long discussions. With one click on the remote control, you can switch from the display source to a full-color rendition of your logo or to another image you have chosen

In dual-lamp mode, the iQ Pro G500 projector delivers up to 5,000 ANSI lumens and a 1500-hour lifetime of the lamp system. If one lamp fails for any reason, the other lamp will keep on running, proving you a reliable projector solution.




Light Output 5,000 ANSI lumen
Brightness uniformity Brightness uniformity: >95 % for the total screen
Contrast >800 : 1 (full white/full black)
LCD panels 3 active matrix 1.4" diagonal XGA polysilicon LCD panels with Micro Lens Arrays and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (aspect ratio 4:3). LCD panels are selected for a minimum of pixel defects.
Resolution 1024 x 768 (native)

iQ Pro Server Specifications: 

- Processing Power: Pentium III socket with 1,2 Gigahertz Tualatin Celeron processor

- Memory: 256 MB RAM

- Storage: 40 GB hard disk

- Video memory  up to 64 MB

- Inputs and outputs

  • PCMCIA slot for Wireless LAN cards, memory cards, Bluetooth, input extensions ...
    • RJ45connector for Ethernet (10Mb/s) and Fast Ethernet (100Mb/s)
      • 4 USB connectors
        • Audio: 3,5 mm jacks for Microphone in, Line in and Line out

• Advanced picture-in-picture

• Seamless source switching with effects

• Standard cable basket

• Standard light shutter

• Advanced digital zoom


The iQ Pro G500 is compatible with:

• All current video sources (PAL,SECAM, NTSC) in Composite, S-VHS, Component or RGB formats

• All currently proposed HDTV, extended and improved television standards (1080i, 720p)

• All computer graphics formats from VGA, S-VGA, XGA, S-XGA to U-XGA (75 Hz)

• Most Macintosh computers

• Electronic workstations with a resolution up to 1600 x 1200 pixels at 75 Hz

• Most sources with a pixel clock up to 160 MHz

• DVI sources up to SXGA

Screen size From 1-6 m/3-20 ft.

1x Configurable 5-Wire (BNC) for:

Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video , RGBHV, RGBS,


1x Composite Video (BNC) (up to 7 Composite Video’s when using all connectors on top input board)

1x S-Video (4-pin mini-DIN) (up to 3 S-Video’s when combining BNC’s)

1x VGA (D15 connector)

1x DVI (Digital Visual Interface)


2x 250 Watt UHP lamp, in lamp housing, pre-aligned for max. light output.

Typical lifetime: 1500 h/lamp.

1500 hours in Dual Lamp Mode or max. 3000 hours/set in Single Lamp Mode.


Fixed focal length lenses are available with a throw ratio of 0.85:1 (very short throw ratio, specially designed for rear screen on-axis projection) or 7.0:1 (long throw).

Variable focus lenses with a throw distance of 1.3-1.8,1.9-2.6,3.0-6.0 times the screen width (2.5% tolerance)

Scan Frequencies

Horizontal 15 kHz - 110 kHz

Vertical 25 Hz - 150 Hz

Lens Shift

QVD Lenses

Motorized V shift: -30% +110%

Dimensions (WxLxH)

Projector body with cable basket: 415 mm (Max W) x 195 mm (Max H) x 565 mm (Max D)

Projector body without cable basket: 415 mm (Max W) x 195 mm (Max H) x 487 mm (Max D)


Net weight:

Body only 12.9 kg / 28.5 lbs.

Shipping weight:

• without lens max.17.5 kg / 38.5 lbs.

• with lens: max.20 kg / 44 lbs.


1x D9 connectors for RS232 In/Out

1x spherical IR receiver

Noise Level <38dB
AC power

Power factor pre-regulated SMPS,

90-254 VAC / 50-60Hz

Max Power Consumption Max 650 Watt
Power Dissipation Max 2219 BTU/h
Seamless Switching Standard

For applications where less light output is required, switch to single-lamp mode and double the lamp lifetime (3000 hours). If one lamp fails, the innovative auto-sensing feature instantly switches to the other lamp, you can continue your presentation without going into standby mode. Furthermore, the iQ projector lamps alternate intelligently, in order to reach end-of-life simultaneously. This way you can replace both lamps at the same moment, saving maintenance time.