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Winegard GS2200 Sensar III 3 Digital Ready Antenna Amplified VHF UHF Bi-Directional RV
Brand: Winegard
Part Number: GS2200

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Product Details:


Winegardís Sensar III, with gray housing and elements, perfect for home use. Sixty-eight channels, bi-directional, excellent reception in metropolitan areas. Bracket for mounting on pole or flat surface included; fits masts up to two inches.

The GS-2200 amplified antenna is recommended for areas 10 to 45 miles away from transmitters. This unit is the new and improved version of the previous GS-2000 antenna. Includes 120 VAC power supply and easy-to-install mast clamp assembly. Manufactured from ABS Magnum 9555 and other materials that will not corrode. ABS Magnum 9555 is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Company.


Antenna/Bracket Width: 8 inches
Antenna Length: 46.25 inches
Fixed FM Trap: -15 dB
Impedance: 75 ohms
Amplifier Gain: 15.5 dB average VHF, 15.5 dB average UHF
10-45 mile range