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Winegard ANWI8780 Preamp for TV Antenna
Brand: Winegard
Part Number: ANWI8780

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Product Details:


Universal housing can be used with any off-air TV antenna. Made of high impact ABS material, mast mounted for easy installation. Flexible polyethylene boot covers on 75 ohm;. Zinc-plated steel hardware; all mounting hardware
Selectable FM trap reduces FM signals (88-108 MHz) -15 dB to prevent overload, tunable FM trap reduces a 3 MHz band width by -12 dB. Both adjustable switchable without opening the housing.
Transistor burn-out virtually eliminated with specialized circuitry featuring fast recovery diode that protects against lightning-caused pulses. Operating temperatures -40 to +140 F. 117 VAC UL and CSA approved power supply is included. (Does not include F-connectors.)


75 Ohm
High Gain, Low Noise Avg. VHF gain 17db, UHF 28db
Selectable FM Trap