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DC Gold N7R 7 Reference Series Speaker - White - 8 OHM
Brand: DC Gold
Part Number: N7RWHITE8OHM

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Product Details:

OHM - 8
Color - White

Our newest speaker. It utilizes a new, custom cast aluminum basket that is given a two-part coating to keep it saltwater ready. It is also open so reflections are reduced. It has a frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz and a sensitivity of 93dB 1w/1m. The lows are clean, midrange is smooth and highs extended without being harsh. It has been used successfully in sealed cabinets and should be great in ported or t-lines, too. These can be built in to a wall (protect from foreign objects build a housing) for a home theater set-up. Great impulse repulse so the dynamics are amazing!