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Draper 250092 Cineperm Fixed Frame Manual Front Projection Screen - Permanently Tensioned - 45 x 80" - 92" Diagonal - HDTV Format (16:9 Aspect Ratio) (Hi Def Grey)
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 250092

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For a viable and flexible screen system, the Cineperm is the way to go. Why should you have to buy two screens for different formats? With the optional Eclipse Masking System, the Cineperm allows you to switch between either video and HDTV or video and Wide-Screen format. Youll be ready for any projection scenario that presents itself.


Provides contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear projection screen is required

Flexible viewing surface is stretched perfectly flat and snaps onto a 1" tubular aluminum frame for superior image quality

The viewing surface conceals the front of the frame completely with 2" black vinyl on all sides, embedded with snaps

Pull handles at each corner of the surface help stretch the fabric during attachment, and can be removed after snapping surface onto frame

Frame sections are color coded for easy assembly

Suitable for mounting to a wall or a ceiling, or "flying" for theatrical uses

Switch instantly between two projection formats with the optional Eclipse Masking System


Style Cineperm
Front/Rear Projection Front 
Mount Wall or Ceiling
Finish Eclipse Masking System: Masking fabric is close-woven, fiberglass base textile, with black vinyl film securely bonded to each side.
Opaque, fire retardant, and washable (Matte Black) 
Tension Control Permanently tensioned 
Keystone Control None
Overall Size 49 x 84" (1.2 x 2.1m) 
Image Size 45 x 80" (1.1 x 2m) 
Diagonal 92" (2.3m) 
Format HDTV
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Masking Options Overall dimension to include 2" border
Optional Eclipse Masking System
Voltage Basic Cineperm screen does not require voltage
Optional Eclipse Masking system: 110-120VAC, 60 Hz, 1.2amps
Integrated Control Eclipse Masking System: Furnished with one 115V three-position switch
Control Options Eclipse Masking System:
Single Station Control (SS-1R)
Low Voltage Switch (LVC-S)
Key Operated 3-Position Switch (KS3 / SP-KSM)
Radio Frequency Remote Control (WRT/R)
Infrared Remote Control (IRT/R)
Low Voltage Control Module (LVC-III)
Video Interface Control
Color 2" black vinyl on all sides (embedded with snaps)
Material Tubular aluminum
Length Not specified 
Shipping Weight 27 lb (12.2 kg)