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Panasonic AG-DVC30CB Package with Soft Case and 2800mA battery
Brand: Panasonic
Part Number: AGDVC30CB


Product Details:

Panasonic introduces another version of its ubiquitous 3-chip "prosumer" camcorder. The AG-DVC30 uses 3 1/4-inch CCDs to record standard NTSC 30-frames per second video. The camcorder integrates some film-look features of the 24-frame AG-DGX100A camera, along with a few unique features. It is the only 3-CCD camera that has an infrared, black and white capture, night video mode. The camera is equally at home in security applications, event videography, or as a superior-quality camcorder for documenting the daily lives of family and friends.

Main Features:

From lens to CCD to circuitry, the AG-DVC30 camcorder from Panasonic is built for superior image quality. Wide-angle, high magnification zoom lens, optical image stabilizer, 3CCD image sensor and high image quality circuits ensure great video every time you shoot. The light weight die cast magnesium body makes the DVC30 reliable and durable. The DVC30 has a detachable handle for great shots with or without a tripod and the 3.5 LCD flip out monitor makes it easy to follow the action. 16X optical zoom and 16X digital zoom brings the action upclose while maintaining superior quality. Take your game video to the next level with the DVC30 from Panasonic and CoachComm.




DV format (uses miniDV tapes)

Record up to 80 minutes on one cassette

3 chip image sensor

410,000 pixel

High sensitivity and high resolution

Delivers the best image quality in its class

Wide-angle, high magnification Leica Dicomar lens

16x optical / 16x digital zoom

Optical image stabilizer

Ensures clear, blur-free images

3.5 color LCD monitor

Fully automatic mode allows the operator to

concentrate on getting the best shot!

Light weight & durable

Die cast magnesium body

Weighs only 2.2 lbs

IEEE 1394 (firewire) interface

Slow shutter function

For ultra-sensitive color recording

Date & time can be recorded onto the image

Built in SMPTE time code generator / reader


Detailed Specifications:

Infrared Capture in Low-/No-Light Environments
The AG-DVC30 is the only 3-CCD camcorder to integrate black and white recording using infrared, invisible to the eye, signals. The camera has a built-in infrared transmitter that cast beams 16 feet. Clear black and white video can be captured to that point. For greater distances, a separate, longer-throw infrared transmitter will cast beams just under 100 feet. This feature gives the camcorder greater versatility in surveillance, news gathering, and nature video. Additionally, time and date can be super-imposed onto the picture.


Scene File Video Parameter Memory
The camcorder will remember specific camera set-ups for specific lighting or special effect conditions. The parameters that will be memorized include detail, chroma-level, chroma-phase, color temperature, master pedestal and skin-tone detail.


Film-Look Features
Combining gamma settings and frame-modes, the AG-DVC30 can produce video that looks more like film. The gamma settings change the sensitivity of light mapped on the gray-scale. The camera also captures video with an electronic interpolation that simulates progressive scan with seemingly no time differences between fields


Variable Zoom Speed Settings
In addition to the touch-sensitive nature of the zoom servo rocker switch, the camera menu can select a general slower or faster zoom sensitivity.


Digital Zoom Pre-Sets
The AG-DVC30 has a low noise, low interference optical zoom built into the Leica Dicomar lens. Optically, the lens elements give a wide angle of 4.1mm, a 35mm format equivalent of 39.5mm, and a maximum telephoto setting of 65.6mm, a 16 times zoom (623mm in 35mm format terms). Additionally, the camera has digital zoom increments at 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 5x, and 10x. Using the low-magnification digital zoom feature keeps image degradation to a minimum.



Slow Shutter Function
Increasing sensitivity is just one byproduct of utilizing slow shutter. The camera also produces special effects that demonstrate motion. Additionally, the shutter functions as a scan matching system to stop raster roll on video and computer screens.


LCD Monitor with Audio Meters
The camera has a bright, full color LCD monitor built onto the side of the camera. With a menu selection, 2 audio channel meters, in different colors, can be viewed to monitor audio levels.


Date and Time Stamp Feature
Useful in legal and security environments, the AG-DVC30 can overlay time, day, and date over the video image.