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Accuscreens 800001 Motorized Front Projection Screen - Wall or Ceiling Mountable - 100" Diagonal - HDTV Format (16:9) (Matte White)
Brand: Accuscreens
Part Number: 800001


Product Details:

The Accuscreen 49x87" (1.2 x 2.2m) Motorized Front Projection Screen (Matte White) is a well-designed and functional addition to any school, office, library or religious venue. This reasonably priced screen is manufactured to high standards and will deliver many years of reliable service.

Accuscreen has developed their unique "BalanceView" projection surface which maximizes color, contrast and brightness - and which delivers unmatched edge-edge sharpness. This easily cleaned surface generates a true palette of colors which all viewers will appreciate.

The "point-n-click" remote allows the presenter to maintain focus while the ultra-smooth gliding screen is either raised or lowered without extraneous noise. For additional convenience, there is also a 3-position in-line control switch.

Whether for home theater or professional use, Accuscreens will deliver the image you want at a price you can afford.