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Monster Cable MP-AV600 Cable Home Theater Surge Protecter With SurgeGuard protection and Color-coded outlets
Brand: Monster Cable
Part Number: MPAV600

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Product Details:
  • Handles current surges up to 555 joules
  • Handles current surges up to 6,000 volts
  • Visual surge alarm
  • Power leads to potential. The potential reality depends on how well that power is managed. When mismanaged, raw power can surge out of control and cause considerable damage. When disciplined, power can often bring many pleasurable results
  • Protect your electrical appliances and electronic equipment from harmful peaks and surges of AC power
  • 6 Color-coded application specific AC outlets for simplified Connectivity
  • Shielded, 8 Foot AC power cord is attached with a convenient, right-angled, grounded plug for easy, unobtrusive installation
  • Slim design fits virtually anywhere
  • 24K Gold contacts assure optimal AC conductivity
  • $10,000 Monster Cable Insurance Policy financially covers your connected equipment against damage from power surges
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


    Type Surge Protectors
    Surge rating (In joules) 555
    Output power capacity 6,000 volts
    # of outlets 6
    # of Phone Jacks 0
    Back-up time N/A
    Fax/modem protection No
    Coax connection No
    Power conditioning No
    Warranty Parts 12 Months
    Warranty Labor 12 Months
    Height 1.8 inches
    Width 8.0 inches
    Depth 16.5 inches