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Professional Services Local Installation of Television and Mount/Stand (Only Valid in NY, NJ, PA, VA, CT, RI, MD, MA, or DC)
Brand: Professional Services

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Product Details:

This service is a Professional TV Installation for all of the models we carry which ensures that your television will be professionally installed, leaving all the work to the experts. All installations are performed by our nationwide network of authorized service reps. We provide a two (2) man crew to ensure adequate handling of your television. Prior to installation, we will contact the customer within 24 hours of sale (M-F) and conduct a pre-installation phone survey to determine actual work to be performed, and schedule an installation date.

During the installation the following services will be provided:

Secure the customer provided mounting bracket to a standard frame or masonry wall. Mount and secure Flat Panel Display screen. Connect TV system to a pre-existing AC power supply within reach of the original power cord. The installers will conceal customer provided cables through a normal frame wall or using installer provided track molding from a tuner source up to (15) feet from Plasma TV for an additional fee. Installation of a cable box if purchased. Cleanup of work area, including removing any packaging from the customers home.  If you have a Direct View or Projection television, the installers will unpack the television and place it on a stand(if provided by the customer or purchased along with the tv).

Things To Remember:

When the installation crew arrives, all hardware and cabling necessary for installation must be provided unless otherwise agreed after the pre-installation phone survey. If purchasing by phone, you will be informed of what cables you need to choose.  We cannot mount any flat panel display to false or steel walls. The wall of choice must be able to support at least 4 times the weight of the TV display. Be prepared to clearly describe the installation environment and all possible obstacles during the phone survey. You should have a fundamental understanding of the wall mount type you have ordered (flat, tilting, articulating, etc). The installation rep cannot install a wall mount that has not been provided by the customer.  Direct View and Projection Televisions cannot be placed on a stand that does not support the base of the television.  If at the time of installation, any additional work and/or materials are required to complete the installation that was not forseen during the phone survey, you will be given the option to pay the additional charges. Additional charges will apply for carpentry, electrical work, floor covering modifications, furniture moving, additional wire, wire concealing, parts or accessories purchased at the time of installation.