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JVC DV180 Pan and Tilt Control Unit for DV-115 Pan/Tilt Heads and GY-DV300REM Camcorder Combinations
Brand: JVC
Part Number: DV180

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Product Details:


The DV180 is the JVC pan and tilt controller specifically for the DV115 pan and tilt head. The combination controller and head has been designed to fully control a GY-DV300REM pro-sumer camcorder. Control parameters include pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris. The full package of camera, head and controller make up a low cost solution for industrial remoted video applications. The controller can operate up to 4 sets of heads with cameras.


Controls Up To 4 Cameras
 The DV180 is an extremely cost effective method of integrating remotely controlled cameras (with recording capability) to a myriad of industrial and unique production scenarios. This controller has the ability to control 4 cameras mounted on remotely controlled pan and tilt heads. The DV180 can be programmed for up to sixteen presets-per camcorder. Additionally this controller box has 2 axillary switches for often used special features. The specially programmed functions can be quickly recalled for your individual surveillance or production needs.
Easy Control Switchgear
 The DV180 has control switches like rockers switches and a joystick that are very intuitive to learn. The joystick controls the motion of the camera in a proportional manner to the range of motion of the remote head. The rocker switches that control zoom and focus are pressure sensitive to the response speed. An intelligent integral feature is that the controller can be switched to operate in reverse. This feature comes in handy when the camera is generally facing the location of the controller.