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JVC SP560-C KY-F560U Analog Studio System Includes Camera, Studio Adapter, Remote Control Unit, Viewfinder and Canon Remote Lens Controls
Brand: JVC
Part Number: SP560C

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The JVC KY-F560U is a high-performance industrial-style 3-CCD video camera designed around systems for remote pan and tilt applications and studio configurations. Just because the body of the camera is smaller than a breadbox does not exclude it from some very advanced technologies. It uses a 12-bit analog to digital converter and a 24-bit digital signal processor. Both processes were developed to defeat hard to interpolate images that include low- and bright-light scenes, complex patterns and textures and subtle color and detail reproduction.

There is a full range of remote system components including controllers and remote-control heads. The studio system components include studio viewfinder, studio CCU, intercom compatibility, and an uncompressed digital output option. This is a studio package that includes the studio CCU, viewfinder, studio adapter and Canon Lens controls. The lens is not included.


• 3-CCD Ultimate Video Quality
 The KY-F560U has 3 video chips for the greatest color and contrast representation possible. This cameras chips each are comprised of 410,000 pixels. The advanced circuitry defeats a high level of vertical smear, video lag and image burn artifacting which leads to life-like imagery under a wide range of shooting conditions.
• High Resolution From High Technology
 Given the advanced technology that goes into the KY-F560U its no wonder that the camera functions with a wide dynamic range and outputs an amazing amount of standard diefinition video. Signal to noise ratio is measured at 62 dB. Sensitivity is f/13 at 2000 Lux, one to two stops faster than most cameras in this category. Lastly, the camera outputs 850 horizontal lines of resolution, greater than all but the best professional monitors and recorders can accept.
• Analog or Digital Outputs
 The KY-F560U can be used in analog or digital systems, those with remote controllers or studio configurations. SDI, uncompressed digital video can be output using the optional KA-F5601. This board is tailored to the remote controlled environment. The KA-F5603 is the camera studio housing that includes the SDI output board. For high-quality analog, component analog like for Beta SP recording or professional monitors, the camera can output 26-pin component with the addition of the KA-F5602 studio housing and the RM-P210 camera remote control unit.
• Full Auto and Full Custom Settings
 The camera has automatic settings that will keep colors consistent even when lighting conditions change. Auto white balance continually adjust for lighting conditions that change- throughout a day as an example. If lighting becomes too low for standard sensitivity the camera can switch on gain to raise the overall video levels. A variable electronic shutter will limit excessively bright lighting beyond the minimum aperature of the lens.

Custom video looks can be acheived with the range of manual settings available. These settings control edge detail, grey scale sensitivity, the color of absolute black just to name a few. Remote camera controllers RM-LP55U and 57U can adjust these preferences.


Application Remote Video, Studio, Teleconferencing
Image Device 3-CCD 1/2-Inch
Signal System NTSC
Lens 1/2-Inch Bayonet Mount
Number of Pixels 1.23 Million Total Pixels
Horizontal Resolution 850 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination 0.7 Lux with f/1.4 and Gain-Up
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 64 dB
Sensitivity f/13 at 2000 Lux
Signal Connectors Analog Component- 26-Pin (x 1 output through KAF5602 Studio Adapter)
Composite Video- BNC (x 1 output)
Genlock- BNC (x 1 input)
Remote Control- 6-Pin (x 1)
DC Power- 4-Pin (x 1 input through KAF5602 Studio Adapter)
DC Power- 8-Pin (x 1 input)
Power Requirements 12 Volts DC
Power Consumption 8 Watts
Operating Temperature 23° to 104° F
-5° to 40° C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 2 13/16 x 3 3/16 x 6 inches
70 x 80 x 152.5 mm
Weight 1.76 lbs.