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Panasonic CY-V7100U 7" Widescreen headrest monitor w/ wireless remote
Brand: Panasonic
Part Number: CYV7100U


Product Details:
Product Description:
Take your DVDs on the road with this large, 7\" diagonal, 16: 9 widescreen LCD that delivers clear, high-resolution images. Intended for headrest installation, this monitor has dual VTR inputs (RCA) for connection of a gaming console, TV tuner, camcorder or whatever other video source might please your rear-seat passengers.This unit has a built-in IR transmitter which beams the sound signal to listeners using optional, wireless headphones. When used in conjunction with Private Mode, front-seat passengers can enjoy one program while rear-seat passengers are entertained by another. Here\'s how: when the function is activated, rear speaker sound is muted, while the sound for the rear is transmitted to the wireless headphones. To headphone listeners, the front speaker sound becomes almost inaudible, and vice versa, so each side can choose their preferred content without annoying the other.

7\" Aspect Screen Size (diag
16:9 widescreen
336,960 Number of Pixels
LCD Drive Method TFT active matrix
CFL Internal Light Source L-shaped

Package Dimension:
HEIGHT: 4.1 inches
LENGTH: 12.2 inches
WEIGHT: 4.15 pounds
WIDTH: 8.8 inches

Item Dimension:
HEIGHT: 8.3 inches
LENGTH: 4 inches
WIDTH: 12.3 inches