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GE Cassette Voice Recorder-Slim Shoebox design
Brand: GE
Part Number: RP3503


Product Details:
Product Description:
RCA RP3503 Compact Shoebox Cassette Recorder Compact design;6-button cassette functions;Stand-up microphone;3-digit tape counter Compact Shoebox Cassette Recorder

Compact slim shoebox design has the features of a full size cassette rcorder in a slim package
6 button cassette functions - top mounted, well marked controls make it easy to control the function you want. 3 Digit tap counter for easy tracking of your location on the tape at all times
External mircorphone jact conveniently located makes it easy to attach your microphone for recording
Retractable carry handle easily pulls out when you need it for carrying and conveniently slides out of sight when you don\'t
AC/DC adapter offers the convenience of switching from batteries to AC power whenever you choose. Automatic endo of tape shutoff turns off the tape player when the end of the tape is reached to prevent wear on the media

Package Dimension:
HEIGHT: 2.72 inches
LENGTH: 11.14 inches
WEIGHT: 1.32 pounds
WIDTH: 7.01 inches

Item Dimension:
HEIGHT: 1.46 inches
LENGTH: 7.4 inches
WEIGHT: 2.4 pounds
WIDTH: 4.76 inches