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Canon LS390H Calculator
Brand: Canon
Part Number: LS390H


Product Details:
Canon\'s compact, lightweight LS-390H is an ideal tool for home, office, and school, providing a range of functions for quick calculations and easy figuring of finances. An extra-large, eight-digit LCD display is easy to read, and the comfortable keyboard design and special function keys increase your speed and accuracy.

The LS-390H provides all the basics of calculation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, constant multiplication, division and percentage calculations, percentage add-on, and discount calculations. It also has memory calculation, exponentiation, square roots, reciprocals, sign change, and various mixed calculations. Indication functions include overflow and error sign (E), memory sign (M), and minus sign (-).

The LS-390H features an automatic power selection that shifts between solar and battery power as needed.

Product Description:
The Canon LS-390H Personal Calculator is a perfect little companion for all those times when you need a little help calculating numbers. Whether you\'re shopping, balancing your checkbook, paying bills or measuring design projects, the LS-390H is handy, easy-to-read, and simple to use. Keypad designed for comfortable use Fits in shirt or jacket pocket Includes convenient and protective, wallet-like case

Basic calculator for travel or office
8-digit display
Soft plastic keys
Solar powered
Easy to use

Package Dimension:
HEIGHT: 0.7 inches
LENGTH: 8.6 inches
WEIGHT: 0.15 pounds
WIDTH: 5.7 inches

Item Dimension:
LENGTH: 0.085
WEIGHT: 0.25 pounds
WIDTH: 0.06