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Panasonic AJ-SDC615 2/3-Inch DVCPRO Widescreen Camcorder, includes Magic Bullet Software
Brand: Panasonic
Part Number: AJSDC615

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Product Details:

The Panasonic AJ-SDC615 is a widescreen 2/3-Inch 3-CCD professional camcorder that finally puts broadcast quality and 16:9 recording at a reasonable price. The camera comes complete with a Firewire connection for digital transfers to a non-linear system. It also has convenience features normally found only in the highest priced broadcast cameras. Three user programmable buttons gives immediate access to commonly used functions without scrolling through menu pages. There are 4 user scene files for direct recall of previously set picture-look settings. An ergonomically designed and lightweight rig makes this camera usable for many industrial and EFP shooters.

Key Features

  • Trickle-Down High Technology

    With the advancement of CCD technology the AJ-SDC615 offers performance that used to cost as much as a down payment on a house. Even the fact that this camera uses 2/3-inch chips is a huge leap forward. A 12-bit processing circuit in the DSP offers great custom picture possibilities.

  • 12-Bit Digital Processing Circuit

    The DSP circuit features 12-bit A/D conversion and 12-axis matrix color correction. This achieves better overall picture quality with finer gradation and improved color expression. It also allows correction in specific color regions without changing the overall color tone.

  • User Scene Files

    The camera has internal memory specifically for special picture and menu settings that can be recalled at any time. It could be used when a camera is used by multiple operators. It also comes in handy when production takes the shoot back and forth among several lighting situations or with scenes and talent with specific video-look requirements.

  • Digital Recording Quality

    The AJ-SDC615 records a full 66 minutes of pictures and sound on a single medium-size tape (AJ-P66MP). Quality is superb thanks to the 5.75-MHz video bandwidth (Y) and 2-channel PCM sound. The AJ-SDC615 also adds advanced error correction features to assure excellent reliability.

  • Digital Zoom

    This support function lets you digitally zoom the image to two times its normal size. News shooters can use this feature to more easily interpret the scene and capture the important details.

  • Interval Recording Time Lapse Creativity

    The interval recording function (minimum interval 2 seconds) is ideal for time lapse recording, such as in environmental, scientific or industrial applications calling for observation or surveillance. You can also watch a an entire lifespan of a flower in minutes or seconds.


    Signal System

    NTSC, 30 frames, 60 interlaced fields per second

    Image Device

    2/3-Inch 3-CCD
    4:3 and 16:9 Switchable

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio

    63 dB

    Horizontal Resolution

    750 Lines


    f/13 @ 2000 Lux

    Minimum Illumination

    0.01 Lux with f/1.4 with Maximum Gain

    Vertical Smear

    Not Specified by Manufacturer

    Built-in Filters

    Single Stage
    Tungsten, Daylight, Daylight ND

    LCD Monitor








    Scan Matching

    60.3 to 249.7 Seconds

    Memory Card Slot


    Shutter Speed Range

    1/100 to 1/2000 Seconds

    Gain Selection

    3 dB to 30 dB
    30 dB to 48 dB Super Gain
    6 dB to 20 dB Digital Super Gain
    (Super and Digital Super Gain can be used together)

    VTR Section



    DVCPRO 25

    Tape Speed

    33.820 mm/second

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio

    Not Specified by Manufacturer

    Maximum Recording Time

    66 Minutes with DVCPRO Medium Size Cassette

    Audio Dynamic Range

    Not Specified by Manufacturer

    Audio Signal Format

    16 bit/48kHz

    Frequency Response

    20Hz to 20kHz

    Signal to Noise Ratio

    Not Specified by Manufacturer

    Input and Output Connectors

    Composite Video- BNC (x 2 output)
    Firewire- 6-Pin (x 1)
    Genlock- BNC (x 1 input)
    Timecode- BNC (x 1 input, 1 output)
    Audio- XLR (x 2 input, Balanced/Line switchable)
    Audio- 5-Pin XLR (x 1 output, Balanced, 2 channel switchable, mixable)
    Headphone- Mini Stereo (x 1)
    Remote Control- 6-Pin (x 1 output)
    DC Power- 2-Pin PowerTap (x 1)
    DC Power- 4-Pin XLR (x 1 input)

    Power Requirements

    12 Volts DC

    Power Consumption

    25 Watts

    Operating Temperature

    41 to 104 F
    5 to 40 C

    Dimensions (WxHxD)

    5.1 x 8.1 x 12.2 Inches
    129 x 204 x 313 mm


    9 Lbs
    4.1 kg