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4XEM IPCAMENCLOHF Protective Camera Enclosure with Heater and Fan
Brand: 4XEM

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Product Details:

Protect your cameras from physical damage and temperature extremes with a heated and cooled steel camera enclosure. Includes mounting bracket, power supply, heater, fan and steel enclosure. Fan keeps camera temperature between 64.4 F (18 C) and 95 F (35 C).

For use with IPCAMW-2100, IPCAMW40, IPCAMW50, IPCAMW60, IPCAMW70 and IPCAMW80, as well as CCTV and IP Network Cameras by other manufacturers.

Note: Please contact a certified electrician for proper instructions on how to connect electrical wires to the enclosure.


  • Automatic Blower Control
  • Automatic Heater Control
  • Supports IPCAMW-2100, IPCAMW40, IPCAMW50, IPCAMW60, IPCAMW70 and IPCAMW80 network cameras
  • Compatible with leading brands of CCTV and IP Network Cameras

Input 90 ~ 264V AC
Output 12VDC 3A

Length 450 mm
Width 135 mm
Height 140 mm
Weight 4.3 kg

Operating Environment
Single Blower Turn on @ 35C, Turn off @ 25C
Single Heater Turn on @ 18C, Turn off @ 28C

EMI & Safety
Certification CE, IP44