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JVC TML450TU 4.5" LCCS Color Monitor
Brand: JVC
Part Number: TML450TU

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Product Details:

NEW - The TM-L450TU is a highly portable LCCS field monitor. Offering over 400 lines of horizontal resolution- the TM-L450TU is full of features. Incorporates LCCS display technology- which allows the monitor to display a clean bright image in any ambiant light condition. Designed for worldwide operation- with a multi-voltage power supply and NTSC/PAL display.


The TM-L450TU is a compact 4.5" monitor designed for the field. A removable protective screen helps to prevent the CRT from damage. Weighing just 7.7lbs the monitor can be easily carried by the built-in handle. The handle can be removed for rackmounting. A buit-in Stand folds out from the bottom- allowing the monitor to tilt up about 18.
Incorporates LCCS (Liquid Crystal Color Shutter) technology. LCCS allows the TM-L450TU to display a very bright- high quality image even in direct sunlight. Utilizes a B&W CRT with two liquid-crystal shutter panels. Color is achieved with red- green and blue light filters sandwiched between the liquid-crystal shutters.
Front panel controls include: Volume (Channel) -/+: Adjusts the speaker output level and tuner channel selection TV Button: Switches from line input to TV tuner Video A: Selects line "A" audio and video input Video B: Selects line "B" audio and video input Menu: Accesses the OSD Menu Blue Check: Adjusts the Chroma and
 *Phase settings Size Select: Changes the screen size Over Scan: For 4:3 aspect ratio images Under Scan: To display an entire 4:3 image 16:9: Displays a 16:9 wide screen image Power: Turns the monitor On or Off *Phase control can only be adjusted with NTSC video signals.
An OSD Menu helps to make fine adjustments easy. Adjustment are available for: Contrast Brightness Sharpness Chroma Phase Color System Select Power Save Color SW CH Status CH Search Start CH Skip On CH Reset On
Accepts two lines of composite video. Each composite input includes an active automatic bridging for loop through.