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Whistler CRUISADER Motorcycle Radar Detector
Brand: Whistler
Part Number: CRUISADER


Product Details:


Whistlers Cruisader radar detector the first system built specifically for motorcycles not only delivers all of the features youve come to expect from a radar detector, it packs them into a convenient package thats easy to mount on your bike. The console itself measures in at just over two inches across, allowing it to fit just about anywhere you need it to. But, despite its compact size, the Cruisaders blue, backlit LCD delivers text warnings that are clear and easy to see at arms length. The Cruisader offers complete coverage of all laser, radar, and safety radar bands. POP Mode compatibility protects you from the short burst radar systems that other detectors cant handle. VG-2 cloaking renders the Cruisader invisible to radar detector detectors. You get a high gain lens for accurate reception, with 360-degree protection that can detect signals from the front, sides, and rear. Three city modes help to cut down on false alerts when youre traveling in a congested area, while highway mode ensures complete protection. The Alert priority feature helps you sort out multiple signals by indicating which is more important.


- LCD text with blue backlit display 
- Outdoor temp. battery voltage
- POP mode detection
- Remote install 
- Total Band Protection 
- High gain lens 
- Stay Alert 
- 360 Total Perimeter Protection 
- Patented VG-2 Cloaking technology
- 3 city modes