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Da-Lite 27585- Self Trimming Da-Plex Screen
Brand: Da-Lite
Part Number: 27585

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Product Details:
A Da-Lite Polacoat rear projection screen consists of a specially formulated optical coating, designed to provide the highest resolution and most accurate color fidelity. This coating is deposited on a transparent glass (Da-Glas) or acrylic (Da-Plex) substrate. Da-Lite utilizes a special coating process which chemically bonds the optical layer to the substrate, creating a very high degree of adhesion guaranteed not to peel or strip off. Features: The Da-Plex substrate provides an acrylic base for breakage resistance, light weight, high optical quality, ease of handling, and superior transmission. Sizes over 90\" high require a contract freight quote. Please call for pricing. The Self Trimming Frame eliminates the need for finish trim, allowing for a fast, easy installation. It is constructed of a built-in 1 1/2\" wide molding that hides opening and has a black anodized finish. Five unique diffusion coatings are available for all types of applications with any size screen and a wide range of gains and viewing angles. Diffision coatings are permanently bonded to the substrate and cannot peel off like laminated film or vinyl based diffusion screens. All Polacoat screens are standard with a Protek II factory applied protective coating to minimize the possibility of accidental surface damage. This very abrasion resistant coating is applied to the diffusion coating to minimize accidental surface damage. Incidental contact with markers to the surface can be removed if done quickly with denatured alcohol. Choosing the appropriate Optical Diffision Coating for your application: Video Vision: The neutral white Video Vision has a 1.0 gain and 55 viewing half angle. A special coating process produces a unity gain screen which is ideal for video projection under controlled light conditions. With an exceptionally wide viewing cone each seat in the audience will observe a uniform, bright, sharp image with even color response. DA-100: The DA-100 coating is neutral in appearance and produces an on-axis gain of 1 and 35 half angle. The most uniform of all diffusion screens with contrast enhancement. This gain is particularly suited to high-resolution applications. DA-150: The DA-150 coating is neutral gray in appearance and produces a 1.5 on axis gain and a 34 half angle. This coating is best suited in applications requiring moderate gain and viewing angles. DA-180: The neutral gray DA-180 screen\'s center gain is 1.8. This is a particularly good surface when reduced viewing angles can allow for a higher gain performance. The half angle of the DA-180 is approximately +/- 30 with a generous viewing cone of 60. DA-230: The DA-230 is a 2.3 gain, neutral gray screen. This screen\'s half angle is approximately +/- 25 with a viewing cone of approximately 50. Because of its higher gain, the DA-230 can more successfully compete with larger amounts of ambient room light than lower gain screens. High Contrast Tint: Available at no additional charge on all optical coatings except for Video Vision. High contrast tint can significantly enhance the perceived quality of viewing images. By making the dark elements of an image appear even darker, perceived contrast is increased. Why Rear Projection? The real goal of any visual display system is to maximize the light rays that get from the projector into the eyes of the audience. Only rear projection allows the projector to be aimed directly into the eyes of the audience. Additionally, rear projection screens reflect only the projected light and none of the ambient light in the room. Rear projection screens also hide the projection system for a neat, clean screen appearance. For these reasons, the highest quality displays are invariably rear projected.