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Monster Cable MP-HTS200 2-Outlet Home Theater Power Center with Coax and Phone Line Protection
Brand: Monster Cable
Part Number: MPHTS200

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Product Details:

If One of Your Home Theater Components Isnt Surge Protected, Your Whole System Isnt Protected

For many of us, home entertainment isnt confined to the den or family room anymore. Its anywhere there is an available wall outlet. You might have a TV and VCR in a bedroom, and maybe even a secondary satellite receiver, too. Those components need to be protected from power surges, just like in your main system. Otherwise, when a surge hits, it can damage the sensitive circuitry inside these components. And, if they are connected to your main system, a surge can easily travel to it and cause significant damage.

Compact Home Theater PowerCenter HTS 200 Delivers Enhanced Surge Protection

Plug your A/V components into HTS 200, including your VCR, satellite receiver and TiVo DVR, and consider them well protected by Monsters SurgeGuard circuitry. SurgeGuard delivers high capacity protection (1680 joules) against performance damaging power surges and spikes. The HTS 200 also prevents power disturbances from traveling down coax and phone connections to other home theater components in your system. In the event of a damaging power surge, Monsters Dual Mode Plus protection circuitry automatically disconnects your HTS 200 from the AC power and sounds an alarm to let you know that it protected your equipment. The HTS 200 also features our Stage 1 Clean Power filters, which prevents AC power pollution from degrading performance so you can enjoy better sound and picture.

Get the Performance and Power Protection Your Equipment Deserves

From protection to performance, the compact, affordable HTS 200 delivers it all. Purchase one today and discover the Monsterous benefits of Monster Power!
Protect your valuable electronics from damaging electrical surges and undwanted power noise with this high-quality Home Theater Power Center.
1680 joule rating
Two AC sockets for AC protection
One pair coaxial connections for cable TV/HDTV protection
One pair phone connections for satellite/DVR/phone protection
Monster Clean Power Stage 1 v.2.0 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise
Dual Mode Plus power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect
$50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
24k gold contact plug for maximum corrosion resistance and power transfer
2 outlets, 1 pair coax, 1 pair phone

Monster Cable MP HTS200 109460 Warranty Details

$50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty