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Next Generation ATHAAA433 Around the House Remote Control Extender
Brand: Next Generation
Part Number: ATHAAA433

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Product Details:

Simply install the rechargeable Around the House Remote Control Extender in place of one of the AAA or AA batteries inside your remote control and point the receiver or attach the included emitter tether cord to the components you wish to control.

Like magic ... you now have upgraded and converted your favorite existing IR remote control to the latest Digital RF remote -- giving you the freedom to go from room-to-room and control your components up to 100+ feet away!  Using our Anywhere Remote Control Technology,  you can control your components inside or outside your home, upstairs or downstairs and through walls, floors and doors without any direct line-of-sight. Unlike other "dock-on" type remote control extenders, you dont have to attach a transmitter to the front of your remote control, nor be limited to a single room as with older stand-alone "cone" type extenders.

Both the Around the House Remote Control Extender (receiver has built-in recharger) and the Remote Long Ranger Xtender AAA transmitter (with included AA sleeve) utilize state-of-the-art patented technology and work with virtually all push-button type remote controls. The Remote Long Ranger Xtender uses included long-life button batteries which are easily replaced (available at Radio Shack and elsewhere) -- perfect for locations inside or outside where the receiver will not be readily accessible or you will be using it with multiple transmitters.

Do you have more than one remote youd like to use this with?  No problem!  Add as many transmitters (also sold separately) as you need -- all additional transmitters can be used with the single receiver based at your components.

Got more than one component youd like to control with the receiver?  Once again no problem ... Next Generation Home Products offers a unique triple-eye emitter tether cord that works with either unit -- allowing up to 3 components to be as much as 8 feet apart away from the receiver. Simply mount each emitter eye next to the specific component or on the entertainment cabinet door facing the component you want to control from up to 100+ feet away.