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Crystal Platinum Enhanced Performance 1080p Certified Gold Plated DVI-D to DVI-D Cable 5-Meter
Brand: Crystal Platinum
Part Number: NX0405D

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Product Details:
NX-0405D Enhanced Performance Custom DVI-D Interconnect 5-M.

HDTV is all about superb picture quality but to get the best possible picture, you need clean signal transfer. Trust DVI cables to deliver a pristine signal to your HDTV monitor. These cables incorporate a stranded copper center conductor and a nitrogen-injected PE dielectric, so theyre able to pass high-bandwidth HDTV signals from your HD tuners DVI output to your TVs DVI input with virtually no signal loss.

Key Features:

  • for use with HDTV tuners and monitors equipped with DVI connections
  • 24k gold pins provide accurate signal transfer and maximum corrosion resistance
  • braided shielding for noise rejection
  • UL-listed and CL3-rated for in-wall installations
  • lifetime warranty