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Chief RPA-U Universal Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount
Brand: Chief
Part Number: RPAU

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Product Details:


The RPA Universal is for stocking dealers or when uncertain of projector types during unplanned installations. Offers multiple ceiling mounting methods. Includes everything you need for a quick installation.

Universally supports most invertible projectors
Dynamically adjustable mounting legs for a customized installation
Lamp and filter access depends on projector

All-Points Security System
The RPA is shipped with Chief’s exclusive All-Points Security System – free-of charge and optional to use. (All-Points Security NOT available with all RPA Series Mounts - not included ONLY if noted above in bold, orange text) All-Points is an integrated security system that uses security hardware at all key connection points to protect projectors from theft. A steel-into-steel design makes All-Points more effective than other integrated security systems. *For additional RPA security, order SSC-4 RPA Security Screw Cover Kit.


Low-profile, aesthetic design
Quick projector disconnect/reconnect
Steel-into-steel construction
UL listed for proven strength
Easy installation; no assembly
Independent roll, pitch and yaw adjustments make it easy to precisely register the projector
Disconnect without affecting adjustments
Convenient lamp and filter access
All-Points Security System included at no additional cost (not available with all RPA Series Mounts)
Three ceiling mounting methods
Flush mount without disassembly
Allows cables to be routed through the top of the mount without additional accessories
Compatible with a large assortment of accessories to easily overcome a variety of installation challenges
Allows lateral shift by adding the LSB-100 Lateral Shift Accessory
Compatible with the PG-1 Projector Guard Security Cage
Allows natural convection ventilation


Roll Adjustment:
+/- 4 degrees adjustment up or down. Loosen screw, adjust mount and tighten screw to hold adjustment.

Pitch Adjustment:
+/- 25 degrees adjustment on each side of the mount. Loosen screw, adjust mount and tighten screw to hold adjustment. Full range of pitch in a flush mount installation.

Yaw Adjustment:
360 degrees by turning the mount on the threaded column and securing in place with set screw. 12 degrees yaw possible on flush mount using slots in top of RPA.

Color: Black

Column: 1.5" NPT

Weight Capacity: 50 lbs.

Three Mounting Methods:
1. Flush mount to suitable ceilings using the four
corner slots in top of the RPA Mount. The RPA
allows you to flush mount without disassembly by providing suitable access for screwdrivers and socket sets. ±25 degrees of pitch when flush mounted. 12 degrees yaw possible on flush mount with slots in top of RPA (Hardware not included).

2. 1/4" Threaded Rod using the four corner slots
in the top of the RPA. (Threaded Rod not included.)

3. 1 1/2" NPT Threaded Extension Column using
the threaded opening at the top of the RPA Mount. (Threaded Extension Column not included.)

Convenient Lamp and Filter Access:
Custom design of most RPA projector brackets provides needed access for: quick lamp changes, easy filter cleaning and proper projector ventilation.

Quick Projector Disconnect/Reconnect:
To quickly and easily remove the projector from the ceiling: loosen thumbnuts connecting the SLB bracket to the universal top. Remove projector and SLB from universal top. The universal top retains the registration adjustments. This feature makes projector servicing and maintenance quick and easy by eliminating the need for re-registration. Security wrench included for use when thumbnuts are replaced with All-Points Security System hardware.

LSB-100 Lateral Shift Accessory:
Often times ceiling structures will not allow the projector to be mounted in exact alignment with the projection screen. The LSB-100 Lateral Shift Accessory saves an abundance of time and hassles in trying to solve this common problem. The LSB-100 allows the projector to be shifted three inches right or left of the installation spot (5 3/4 inches on projectors under 15 lbs.). Also use the LSB-100 to easily accommodate different lens placement when projectors are replaced in existing installations. Compatible with all RPA and UPC Series Mounts, and maintains quick disconnect feature. Includes All-Points Security System hardware.