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Toshiba FPT-AG01U 3D Glasses For Toshiba 3D HDTV
Brand: Toshiba
Part Number: FPTAG01U

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Product Details:


Toshiba's FPT-AG01 3D Active Glasses work exclusively with the company's WX800-series 3D-ready TVs. These liquid-crystal "active" glasses alternately darken the left or right lens in sync with the TV, so that only your right eye sees the right image and only your left eye sees the left image. Combine the TV and glasses with a 3D video source and immerse yourself in a lifelike three-dimensional viewing experience in the comfort of your home.

Toshiba's 3D glasses are completely wireless. They communicate wirelessly with the 3D emitter built into 3D-ready Toshiba HDTVs, and they're powered by a small built-in battery.


  • Wide frame design
  • Large glass area for wide field of view
  • Auto Power Off (after 5 minutes with no TV signal detected)
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Approximately 75 hours continuous battery life
  • Active 3D system (compatible with WX800 and Toshiba Active 3D system TVs)
  • Shutter speed is controlled by and synced with TV
  • Toshiba's 3D glasses are completely wireless