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Blitz BZCAP250 25 25 Farad Hybrid Capacitor with Neon Light Rods
Brand: Blitz
Part Number: BZCAP250


Product Details:
BLITZ BZCAP250 these Hybrid High Farad Amplifier Style Capacitors are meant to perfectly complement your installation by mimiciong the Blitz Amplifiers identically all the way down to the light-up neon rods & Chrome Heatsink Covers. * Capacitance: 25,000,000 Micro Farad * 21DC Working Voltage * 24DC Surge Voltage * E.S.R.: 0.0015ohms@120Hz/25°C * Capacitance Tolerance +/- 10% * Chrome Plated End-caps * Blue Anodized Heatsink mimics Blitz Amplifiers * Dual Blue Neon Rods Light Up When Powered * Digital LED Voltage Display * Dimensions: 8''W x 7.75''D x 2.35''H