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Monster HDTVKIT Cable Flat Panel Performance Kit
Brand: Monster
Part Number: HDTVKIT

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Product Details:


The kit comes with an 8-outlet Home Theater PowerCenter to protect your HDTV from damaging electrical surges, as well as "dirty" power that finds its way into home power systems. Also included is an HD certified, 2-meter HDMI cable to extract the maximum performance from your entertainment sources.

To keep your screen crystal clear and in top shape, the kit includes two bottles of ScreenClean LCD Display Cleaner, a specially formulated product that cleans without dripping or streaking. There's also a non-abrasive cleaning cloth that cleans without scratching the delicate display.

Finally, to help you calibrate your set for the best picture and sound, the kit includes ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard Software, created by Monster, the Imaging Science Foundation, and Microsoft.

It takes only a little effort to care for your HDTV, but the effort will pay off in a longer-lasting set with optimum picture and sound.


2-Meter HDMI Cable
The full HD 1080p certified cable features heavy-duty construction, including triple-layer shielding and gold contacts, for long-lasting performance.

Home Theater PowerCenter
With 1850 Joule surge protection, the 8-outlet PowerCenter is also designed to remove electrical interference for improved picture and sound.

LCD Display Cleaner with Cloth
Two bottles of the special formula cleaner, packaged with a non-abrasive cloth, keep your LCD monitor clean without dripping or streaking.

ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard Software
Using the included software, you can adjust your TV settings for optimal picture and sound.