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Christie Digital Systems 108-103101-01 Twist™
Brand: Christie Digital Systems
Part Number: 10810310101

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Product Details:


An optional upgrade, Christie Twist™ Pro software offers the following additional capabilities:

  • Single license of Christie Twist™ Pro supports an unlimited number of projectors per array
  • Advanced edge blending
  • Rotate and Flip capabilities
  • Gradient preview of edge blends
  • Brightness uniformity controller


Christie Twist™
  • Support for up to 6 projectors
  • Ethernet support
  • Auto detection of projectors
  • Copy and paste of warps
  • Naming of projector on preview screen
  • Projector summary table
  • Add, Delete, Copy and Paste of Warps, Blends and Masks
  • Layout Mode
  • Virtual Remote
  • Improved Auto-Blend functionality
  • Auto Save
  • Add/Delete projectors
  • Select/Deselect all points or projectors
  • Test Pattern support including showing currently selected points
  • Improved context menu
Upgrade to Christie Twist™ Pro
  • Support for any number of projectors
  • Brightness uniformity control
  • Rotate and Flip functionality
  • Warp maps are not limited to 10x10 grid
  • Advanced edge blending and blend masking
  • Projector control from Twist™ Pro user interface
  • Gradient preview of blend