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Nec NP4100-08ZL Professional Integration Projector With NP08ZL Lens - 6200 Lumens, 2100:1 Contrast Ratio, & Power Zoom and Focus
Brand: Nec
Part Number: NP4100-08ZL

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Product Details:


This particular package pairs the NP4100 with the NP08ZL 1.78 - 2.35:1 zoom lens. A zoom lens allows you to vary the size of the projected image without moving the projector. But the flexibility of the NP4100 goes far beyond its lenses.

It's got a dual lamp design. You can use both lamps at the same time for the brightest picture possible, alternate use of them or keep one in reserve so you'll never be caught out with burned out lamp. (Although the projector does warn you when a lamp is nearing the end of its life. If you've plugged your projector into your LAN it can even email you with the news.)

The NP4100 is designed to work under the most grueling of duty cycles: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And the projector can be mounted at any angle—literally 360 degrees. So it's the kind of projector you need if you have a public advertising display or similar application. Under those conditions you'll really appreciate its capacity for remote monitoring and control via the Internet.

You don't have to worry about not having easy access to the projector if you set it up in a hard to reach place. It boasts power zoom, focus and lens shift, all adjustable from its remote control.

Whether in a commercial location like a mall, a meeting room or your media room, the NP4100 has the projection power to make a big impression: Maximum 6200 lumens at a contrast ratio of 2100:1. Its Texas Instruments Digital Light Processor Digital Micromirror Device (DLP DMD) with BrilliantColor and DynamicBlack ensures a crisp, vivid true-to-life image even when there's a lot of ambient light to punch through.

With that kind of illumination you might use the NP4100 in a venue where its three watt stereo speakers can't keep up. Not to worry. This projector has variable audio out so you can add external powered speakers so your presentation is heard as easily it's seen.

The NP4100's flexibility includes a 100 to 240 volt 50/60 Hz power supply, the ability to accept video in the NTSC, PAL and SECAM standards and its 720p, 1080i and 1080p high definition capability.


NP4100 With NP08ZL 1.78 - 2.35:1 Zoom Lens
The NP4100 is generally sold without a lens. There are five lenses available and since a projector isn't much use without a lens NEC created five packages to choose from: The NP4100 coupled with each one of the five available lenses. This package consists of the NP4100 and the NP08ZL 1.78 - 2.35:1 Zoom Lens. You can purchase any of the other four lenses separately. With their bayonet mounts you can change lenses in an instant.

6200 ANSI Lumens And a 2100:1 Contrast Ratio
No wonder why NEC calls the NP4100 a "large venue digital projector." It has the projection power to punch through a great deal of ambient light and create very large, very bright images. It's secret? It uses two lamps.

Flexible Dual Lamp Projection System
For maximum light output use both lamps for a full 6200 ANSI lumens. Or you can economize by using just one lamp. You can alternate lamps 1 and 2 or hold one lamp in reserve so you'll know you'll never have to worry about a lamp burning out at an inopportune time.

Texas Instruments BrilliantColor With DynamicBlack Technology
TI's patented DLP technology can dramatically increase system brightness and color saturation at mid and low video levels, while optimizing color gain across the full color gamut. DynamicBlack technology allows for dramatic improvement in the black level of the video, producing incredible detail in dark scenes.

Power Focus, Zoom and Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift
If you're of a certain age you can remember when power windows were found only on luxury cars. Now they're pretty much standard. Perhaps someday all projectors will have power focus, power zoom (1.6x) and power vertical (50 percent) and horizontal (10 percent) lens shift. The NP4100 has them all today.

Includes Both Four-Segment and Six-Segment Color Wheels
For applications requiring maximum brightness, a four-segment color wheel is preinstalled. For the highest quality video color reproduction, a 6-segment color wheel is also included.

Network Ready With RJ45 (Ethernet) Jack
You can plug your NP4100 into your LAN and set it up for remote monitoring and control in just a few minutes. The projector can be down the hall or across the world. You can also have the projector email you when it detects error conditions or a lamp is nearing the end of its useful life.

360 Degree Range of Mounting Options
Most projectors can be tilted a few degrees up or down and you're cautioned not to exceed the maximum recommended tilt. The NP4100 can actually be mounted at any level of tilt. In other words it will work when tilted anywhere in a full 360 circle to meet your toughest (and strangest) mounting requirements.

Filterless Design Saves You Time And Money
The sealed optical block minimizes the effects of dust, helping to ensure the delivery of crisp, distortion-free images without the need for filters that have to be periodically cleaned and replaced.

Quick Power Off
Quick Power Off protects the lamp during the cool down period if the power is removed by unplugging the power cord or when the power strip is switched off. Lamp temperature is monitored internally during this period to prevent unit power on until the lamp is properly cooled.

Image Display
Projector Display System 0.7" Single Chip DLP DMD by Texas Instruments
Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
Number of Pixels 786,432
Lumens Brightness 6200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 2100:1
Aspect Ratio 4:3
HDTV Compatibility 720P, 1080i, 1080p
Lens System
Lens F = 1.7 – 1.9, f = 26 – 34mm
Focus/Zoom Adjusting Power/Power
Lens Shift Power 50% Vertical And 10% Horizontal
Recommended Projection Size 40 – 500"
Keystone Correction ±40° Vertical ±35° Horizontal
Ceiling Mountable Yes
Rear Screen Projection Yes
Projection Tilt Option 360°
Built-in Speaker 3 Watt x 2 (Stereo) Plus Variable Audio Out
Input/Output Connectors
Input Terminals RGB Analog (15-Pin) x 1
RGB Analog (5-BNC) x 1
RGB Digital (DVI-D W/ HDCP) x 1
Video (RCA) x 1
S-Video x 1
Component x 1
Audio (L/R RCA) x 2
Audio (Mini Stereo) x 3
Control (RS232) x 1
USB-B (For Servicing) x 1
Output Terminals Variable Audio Out (Mine Stereo) x 1
Monitor (15-Pin) x 1
12 Volt Trigger x 1
RJ45 (I/O) x 1
Control Protocol Detailed in Manual
Lamp (Bulb) 280 Watt Dual Lamp System
Fan Noise 34 dB Eco
38 dB Normal
Remote Control IR Wireless, RS232, HTTP
Power Requirements 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 19.88 x 8.23 x 15.16" (505 x 209 x 385 mm) (Without Lens)
Weight 21.2 lb