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Sennheiser SDC8200CU-M Central Unit, Up to (50) Delegate/Chairman Mics
Brand: Sennheiser
Part Number: SDC8200CU-M

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Product Details:


SDC 8200 CU-M can handle up to 4 languages.
The central unit features two analog audio inputs, e.g. for wireless microphones, and an analog audio output for recording units or an additional public address system. An IR modulator (4-channel operation) such as the SI 29-5 connects to the special 15-pin Sub-D connector. The central unit is also fitted with RS 232 interfaces for PC, media and camera control.


Built-in power supply unit for up to 50 delegate units
Choice of nine conference modes: Direct Access, Group of 1, Group of 2, - Group of 3, Group of 4 FIFO, Override, Request and Request No Clear
One additional mode with PC control only: No Request
Up to 15 simultaneously live microphones (depending on mode selected)
Four translated languages (interpreter channels)
Camera control interface
Voting functions with automatic tallying (Yes, Abstention, No / +,0,-)
Six RJ 45 sockets for six cable lines with up to 20 terminals each
Two transformer balanced XLR-3F inputs
One transformer balanced XLR-3M output for the floor language (conference channel)
Six unbalanced outputs on 15-pin Sub-D connector for the floor language and five translations
3.5 mm headphone socket for monitoring
Three RS 232 sockets for PC, media and camera control

Technical Data
Audio input 2 x AUX IN; XLR-3-F transformer-balanced
Input voltage range +3dBu
Input impedance > 6 kOhm (1kHz)
Frequency response 100.....14000 Hz
Audio-XLR connector AUX OUT 1; XLR-3-M transformer-balanced
Output level max. +8 dBu
Output impedance < 200 Ohm (1kHz)
(Störspannungsabstand) 75 dB(A)
PC-Interface COM 1-3; RS 232 SUB-D-9
Mains voltage 88 - 264 VAC (47-63 Hz)
Current consumption max. 3.5 A (230VAC); max. 7.0 A (115 VAC)
Fuse 3.15 A (230 VAC); 7 A (115 VAC)
Output voltage 48 V (Conference Port 1-6)
Operating temperature +5.....+50 °C
Fan noise 48 dBA SPL (1m)
Dimensions 485 x 141 x 265 mm
Weight 6 kg