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Draper 127162 DiamondScreen for Rear Projection with Frame 200 (52 x 92")
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 127162

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Product Details:


The rear (projector) side of screen is a Fresnel lens, pitch 0.11mm, which serves to refract projected light directly towards the audience. Light diffusion agents permanently embedded in the screen matrix are tinted with Draper High Contrast tint to enhance the color contrast.

Draper has always been a leader in the design of audio-visual screens. The DiamondScreen  is just another example of their commitment to enhancing your viewing ease and pleasure.


• Panoramic 180° horizontal viewing cone, and the largest vertical viewing cone of any product of its type
• Unlike conventional rear screens, the DiamondScreen is cast (molded) and derives its incredible optical performance from its patented Fresnel/lenticular lens system
• Superior center-to-corner brightness ratio
• The widest range of sizes---and the largest sizes---in the industry
• The world's most sophisticated, most efficient rear projection screen
• Can be used in Draper's Retro/QA (portable rear projection systems), MultiScreen System, RPX/Complete or any of their VideoWalls in conjunction with their Projector Support Structure



Style DiamondScreen
Front/Rear Projection Rear
Mount Wall
Finish Black/Clear Anodized Frame
Gain = 3.5
Horizontal half gain angle not less than 21° from projection axis
Vertical half gain angle +/-10° from projection axis
Tension Control Not Applicable
Keystone Control Not Applicable
Overall Size 53 x 93" (134.6 x 236.2cm)
Image Size 52 x 92" (132 x 233.7cm)
Diagonal 106" (269.2cm)
Format HDTV
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Masking Options Not Applicable
Color Black/Clear Anodized Frame
Material Cast acrylic, one piece, not to exceed .25" in thickness
Length Not Specified by Manufacturer
Shipping Weight 52 lbs (23.4 kg)