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Draper 105052 Access/Series V Motorized Front Projection Screen 45x105.75" With 115" Diagonal Image Size, Tab-Tensioned, 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio, M1300 Finish, Cinemascope Format & Ceiling Recessed
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 105052

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Product Details:


With the Access, that's not a problem; order the case now - just make sure it's large enough to accept the largest screen you think you may need. Order the screen later, after the projector decision is made. Or let the occupant make the decision at a later date.

What if technology changes? What if a new projection format is introduced or Draper introduces a superior new screen surface? With the Access, that's not a problem; it's quick, easy and comparatively inexpensive to replace the screen in an Access, with no extra electrical or ceiling work.

What if you're planning a facility and the room design is flexible, or the presentation rooms have not yet been determined? With the Access, that's not a problem; install an Access case in each room during construction, and think about screen selection later. Adds great value to the facility.


Motor-in-roller operation
Draper's Tab Tensioning System keeps screen flat, providing the best possible picture
With control options, this projection screen can be operated from any remote location
12" extra drop is standard
Depending on surface, available in sizes through 12 x 12' and 15' NTSC

Style Access/Series V
Front/Rear Projection Front
Mount Ceiling
Finish M1300
Tension Control Tab-tensioned
Keystone Control Not Applicable
Overall Size Not Specified by Manufacturer
Image Size 45 x 105.75" (114.3 x 268.6cm)
Diagonal 115" (292.1cm)
Format Cinemascope
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Masking Options Black masking borders are standard
Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz
3-wire motor mounted inside screen roller
1.1 amp
Integrated Control 3-position control switch
Standard motor with preset, accessible limit switches
Control Options Single Station Control (SS-1R)
Multiple Station Controls (MS-3R/MS-4R)
Low Voltage Switch (LVC-S)
Key Operated 3-Position Switch (KS3/SP-KSM)
Key Operated Power Supply Switch (KS-1)
Locking Switch Cover Plate (SP-KPS-I)
VIC Override Switch (VIC-OS)
Radio Frequency Remote Control (WRT/R)
Infrared Remote Control (IRT/R)
Low Voltage Control Module (LVC-III)
MC1 Motor Control Board
Video Interface Control
Color White
Material Extruded aluminum; case allows for left or right-hand motor location
Length Not Specified by Manufacturer
Shipping Weight 128 lbs (58 kg)