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Whistler XTR-690SE High-performance Radar Detector with Compass
Brand: Whistler
Part Number: XTR690SE

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The XTR-690SE also offers all of the features you would expect in a high performance detector. It will detect POP mode radar and provides Whistler's Real Voice™ alerts. The XTR-690 SE provides a red text display. A digital compass is also provided.

The Whistler XTR-690 SE also delivers several features that are new to Whistler (other than the Bel/Escort-like performance). These are: a "periscope" alert LED on the top of the unit, opposite the "laser eye", a battery voltage meter, and true VG-2 immunity. Other Whistler detectors employ "VG-2 cloaking", in which the detector shuts itself down when it detects the VG-2.


Ka Max Mode
The XTR-690 SE offers enhanced high performance coverage, with 360-degree perimeter band monitoring, X band, K band, and new and improved Ka Max monitoring with extra-high sensitivity.

Exclusive radar and laser signature IDs (RSID and LSID)
This feature gives you a unique signature ID for Ka band radar and laser transmissions. You'll receive detailed information each time the XTR-690 SE receives an alert from either Superwideband (Ka) or laser frequencies. RSID will indicate Ka 33.8, 34.0, 34.3, 34.7, or 35.5 on the display screen (these are the most common police speed radar frequencies). Similarly, LSID will indicate the pulses per second transmitted by speed lasers, and lets you lock out "false alarms" from things like cruise control systems, based on their pulse rates.

72-point digital compass
72 total points of reference make the digital compass built into the XTR-690 extremely accurate. To use, simply mount the unit inside your vehicle in a level position, away from other magnetic sources such as speakers. Select a clear area in which to park, such as a parking lot or field, and follow the directions in your owner's manual to calibrate the compass. Calibration will stay set even when the unit is removed from the vehicle, although you should recalibrate if you reposition the mounting bracket to another location.

Intellicord ready
This unit can accept the Intellicord (sold separately), which is a power cord that lets you remotely control your detector's settings.

Selectable Real Voice alerts
Real Voice alerts give you an audio vocal alert in addition to the simple band ID tones. The unit will say "X band" if an X-band signal is detected. This allows the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road and eliminates possible confusion caused by the use of tones to identify various signals. The Voice Alert is selectable. It also vocalizes safety warning messages and feature selections.

POP mode radar detection with twin alert low-profile periscopes
POP mode is a form of police radar gun developed several years ago in an attempt to offer radar that would defeat detectors. The transmissions from POP mode radar are much faster than those from typical radars, and are emitted in short bursts rather than long signals like those from typical radar. The XTR-690 can detect even the quick signals of POP mode radar in your area, and alert you in plenty of time. Flashing LEDs on the twin low-profile periscopes give you a visual warning, but can be turned off if you choose.

3 city modes and 1 highway mode
City mode helps reduce the interference and confusion that can be caused by things like automatic door openers, burglar alarm alerts, and other things that can cause your detector to react. While in city mode, the detector will provide an initial alert when signals are detected, and then remain quiet unless the signal strength increases. When and if the signal does increase, the unit will alert you again to notify you. This helps "weed out" other types of signals. In highway mode, the XTR-690 provides full audio and visual warning of all laser and radar signals and maintains full sensitivity at all times. Highway mode is the set default.

Quiet and Auto Quiet modes
Quiet Mode cancels audio during an alert for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, two beeps are provided on any new alert, and then the unit will remain quiet after that. Auto Quiet reduces the audio to level 1 approximately five seconds after a signal is detected.

Product Height 1.4 inches
Product Width 3.15 inches
Product Depth 4.9 inches
Product Weight 6.5 ounces
General Features
Model XTR-690 SE
Product Type Radar/laser with POP Alert
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Supported Languages English