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Draper 127112 DiamondScreen Rear View Projection Screen w/o Frame (91.38 x 121.38")
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 127112

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Product Details:


  • Fresnel lens on projector (entrance) side. Functions as a condenser lens, refracting all projected light at a right angle to screen plane (in other words, straight through the screen). No projected light is wasted on the ceiling or floor.
  • Diffusion material is embedded in screen matrix to control vertical light distribution. Patented system of alternating aspheric and tipped lenses on audience side refracts projected light over a dramatic 180 viewing cone.
  • Audience side lenses measure a microscopic 0.3 mm - less than 40% the pitch of any other optical rear screen in the world resulting in vastly improved image resolution. Exit lenses are treated with a special anti-reflectance coating which does not interfere with projected image.
  • DiamondScreen is up to three or four times brighter than a conventional coated rear projection screen.


DiamondScreen: the first rear projection screen designed specifically for video and data projection
Particularly well suited for: use with CRT or low light and low resolution output single lens projectors
Panoramic: 180 horizontal viewing cone, and the largest vertical viewing cone of any product of its type.
Unlike conventional: rear screens, the DiamondScreen is cast (molded) and derives its incredible optical
performance from its patented Fresnel/lenticular lens system
Ratio: Superior center-to-corner brightness ratio
Size: The widest range of sizes and the largest sizes in the industry
  • The world's most sophisticated, most efficient rear projection screen
  • Available in any custom size through a maximum overall size of 120 x 160"
  • Can be used in Draper's Retro/QA (portable rear projection systems), MultiScreen
    System, RPX/Complete or any of the VideoWalls in conjunction with their Projector Support Structure