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Draper 127113 DiamondScreen Rear View Projection Screen w/o Frame (97.38 x 129.38")
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 127113

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Product Details:


DiamondScreen the first rear projection screen designed specifically for video and data projection
Particularly well suited for use with CRT or low light and low resolution output single lens projectors
Panoramic 180 horizontal viewing cone, and the largest vertical viewing cone of any product of its type.
Unlike conventional rear screens, the DiamondScreen is cast (molded) and derives its incredible optical performance from its patented Fresnel/lenticular lens system
Superior center-to-corner brightness ratio
The widest range of sizes and the largest sizes in the industry
The world's most sophisticated, most efficient rear projection screen
Available in any custom size through a maximum overall size of 120 x 160"
Can be used in Draper's Retro/QA (portable rear projection systems), MultiScreen System, RPX/Complete or any of the VideoWalls in conjunction with their Projector Support Structure