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Draper 125058 Vortex 72" NTSC Rear Screen With No Frame
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 125058

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Product Details:


The result is an extraordinary projected image with superior resolution and color contrast, an exceptionally wide viewing cone in both the horizontal and vertical axes, extraordinary center-to-corner brightness ratio, uniform brightness without hot spots.


A 0.5 mm Fresnel lens gathers the light from the projector and directs it at a right angle through the screen. As the light exits the screen on the audience side, a diffusion medium redistributes the light evenly in all directions - up, down, left, right and center.
Superior resolution and color contrast
An exceptionally wide viewing cone in both the horizontal and vertical axes
Extraordinary center-to-corner brightness ratio
Uniform brightness without hot spots
Gain 2.0
The Vortex is designed to be used with single lens projectors
Projected light is collimated, then diffused evenly, making the Vortex well suited for use in videowalls and rooms with tiered seating patterns
Charcoal grey tint provides superior color contrast, even under harsh ambient light
The diffusion medium is in the acrylic, so it can't be scratched or damaged
The Vortex is available in sizes up to and including 160" diagonal
Can be used in Drpaer's Retro/QA (portable rear projection systems), MultiScreen System, RPX/Complete or any of Draper's VideoWalls in conjunction with their Projector Support Structure
Factory installed Cineframes are also available to simplify installation