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Da-Lite 89922ER Advantage Deluxe Tensioned 72" Diagonal Image Size Cinema Vision High Contrast
Brand: Da-Lite
Part Number: 89922ER

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Product Details:


Note! This item is ONLY wired for 220V.


Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation
As screen formats change with technology, fabric replacement is simple and inexpensive
UL Plenum Rated case
Matte White fabric up to and including 10' high will be seamless; Glass Beaded fabric up to and including 8' high will be seamless; Video Spectra 1.5 and High Contrast Matte White fabric up to and including 8' high will be seamless; High Power fabric up to and including 6' high will be seamless


Style Advantage Deluxe Electrol
Front/Rear Projection Front
Mount Ceiling recessed
Finish Cinema Vision HC - flame retardant and mildew resistant fiberglass
Tension Control Tensioned
Keystone Control Not Applicable

Overall Size 43" x 57"
Image Size 43" x 57"
Diagonal 72"
Format Video
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Masking Options Not Applicable

Voltage 220V, 50Hz European Voltage, screen motor is electrically operated
Integrated Control
 SCB-100 - RS-232 Serial Control Board
 Two motors - one to operate door and one to operate screen
 Pre-set but adjustable limit switches to automatically stop fabric door in the "up" and "down" positions
Control Options
 Single motor Low Voltage Control (LVC)
 Built-in electrical connections will be on right end of screen case on units with built-in LVCs
 Wireless Remote Control for LVC
 Radio Frequency Remote
 Infrared Remote
 Video Projector Interface (12V or 5V)
 Key Locking Cover Plate for 120V Switch or LVC
 Key Operated Switch for 120V only (NOTE: Cannot be used with LVC)
 220/240V (50Hz) Motor
 NET-100 Ethernet-Serial Adapter

Color White
Material Rigid aluminum
Length 72.25"