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Draper 102200 Access/Series V 15" NTSC; M2500
Brand: Draper
Part Number: 102200

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A motorized screen and independently motorized masking system provides dual format projection, all in a ceiling recessed Access case. Select a projection screen in HDTV or WideScreen format up to 10' wide. A flat black mask on a second motor-in-roller converts the screen to a NTSC video format by masking the right and left sides of the viewing surface. The height of the viewing surface remains constant. Access MultiView/Series features Draper's Tab Tensioning System for a perfectly flat projection surface. Choose M1300, M2500 or HiDef Grey.


Flat black mask on second motor-in-roller converts the screen to a 4:3 NTSC format by masking the right and left sides of the viewing surface - Height of viewing surface remains constant
One screen - two formats
Motorized, tab-tensioned front projection screen with independently motorized masking system installed in the same case for dual format projection
Ceiling-recessed projection screen
Both screen and masking system are independently controlled, each using any standard or optional control. Two, SS-1Rs are standard. Or, select AMV-C, a low voltage control that allows both motors to be controlled by independent 3-button switches in a single box
Depending on surface, available in sizes through 133" diagonal HDTV format or 136" diagonal WideScreen format.


Product MPN
MPN  102200
Key Features
Screen Type    Electric
Aspect Ratio  1:1
Angle of View  120°
Viewing Surface  M2500
Nominal Diagonal  180"
Viewing Area  108" x 144"