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Da-Lite 34046 Director Tensioned 12X12 Cinema Vision
Brand: Da-Lite
Part Number: 34046

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Product Details:


Tensioned Director with Cinema Vision fabric and 110 volt motor.
Dual Motor Concealed-In-The-Ceiling Electric Screen. Screen is tensioned for an extra flat surface for optimum image quality. Smooth operation with one motor to operate the door and one to operate the screen.
Tab guide cable system maintains even lateral tension to hold surface flat while a custom slat bar with added weight maintains vertical tension. Sealed and fire retardant case for plenum installations. Patented in-the-roller motor mounting system for quiet operation.
Cinema Vision is a unique non-supported vinyl fabric that offers a bright, uniform image with no color shift at any viewing angle. This surface is designed to provide a higher amount of brightness for lower output projector types such as CRT. Its increased reflectivity will help enhance the image brightness in situations where a low level of ambient light is present. This surface is a good choice when producing video images. Gain 1.3 with a 45-degree viewing half angle.