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Panasonic SC-PT480 DVD Home Theater Sound System
Brand: Panasonic
Part Number: SCPT480

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It's versatile too. It can play a wide variety of CD and DVD formats and it can do all sorts of neat tricks like zooming the picture in case you want to examine a portion of DVD scene or JPEG picture in greater detail. You'll see that detail sharply thanks to features like the SC-PT480's 108MHz/12-bit video digital to analog converter (DAC) and its HDMI 1.3 output.

HDMI carries signals in pure digital form so if you plug into a high definition TV your entire DVD library will take on a new life with sharper, clearer pictures.

In addition to an improved picture from your DVDs you'll enjoy a number of different surround sound modes including Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS from all sources. Those sources can include up to 30 preset FM radio stations and your iPod. This unit's universal iPod dock is compatible with dozens of iPod models. Depending on the model you own it can play music and video and display the titles on a connected TV. (TV sole separately.)


1000 Total Watts (RMS) Power
That's an amazing amount of amplifier power from such a small and affordable surround sound player. And it's RMS (root mean square), which is honest power, not "peak" power which some makers use because it inflates the numbers.
Five Surround Modes
In addition to familiar surround sound systems like DTS, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II, Panasonic added two of its own: Panasonic Super Surround, with three modes of its own creates a surround effect from two-channel recordings and Whisper Mode Surround, which is designed to maintain the full surround effect even at low volumes, as you might use late at night.
Front Surround Mode
Well, you could call it the six surround mode but you can use it with any of the other surround modes. If you're tight on space you can enjoy 5.1 channel sound with all of the speakers set in the front of the room. No, we don't know how they do it either, but we've learned not to underestimate the engineers at Panasonic.
1080p Upconversion
Upconversion makes your DVDs look better on your HDTV. Many HDTVs can do the upconversion themselves but it's generally considered better to do the upconverting as close to the source as possible.
Made For iPod
The SC-PT480 has an iPod dock and it's compatible with dozens of models from the iPod classic right up to the fifth generation iPod nano with a video camera. It's capable of iPod music and video playback and it displays the full title list on screen for music and video content. (B.Y.O.TóBring your own television)
FM Radio
This system includes an FM radio with a digital synthesized tuner and 30 presets so you can quickly tune to favorite stations. You can go directly to any station by entering its number on the remote control. If the set is hooked up to your TV the FM setting will be shown on screen.
HDMI CEC is an industry standard for controlling multiple HDMI CEC-compatible components with a single remote control. Each electronics manufacturer has its own brand name for it and VIERA Link is Panasonic's. No matter what you call it it's a great convenience. No more juggling multiple remotes!


DVD+/-, DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-R DL and CD, CDR/W play
Selectable Speaker Layout - 5.1ch Surround or 5.1ch All Front Layout
EQ (Flat/Heavy/Clear/Soft) Yes (4 preset)
Subwoofer Level
Center Focus
Whisper-mode Surround
Dolby Pro Logic II
Digital Synthesizer Tuner
Dolby Digital Decoder
DTS Decoder
Easy Setup
Station Presets 30-FM
Dialog Enhancer
1080p Up-Conversion with HDMI
Deep Color
Zoom Function Normal, Auto, x2, x4
Video D/A Converter 108MHz/12-bit
Universal Dock for iPod 3 Integrated
iPod Playback (Music/Video/Playback)
iPod Full Title List on Screen Display for Music & Video Content
VIERA Link 4 (HDAVI Control 4)
HDMI Out 1
Video Out 1
Digital Input 1 (Optical)
Audio Input 1 (AUX)
Front Configuration 1-way 1-speaker, Bass-reflex
Front Speaker Unit 2-1/2" Full Range, Cone Type
Front Weight (lb.) [Approx.] 0.88
Front Dimensions (H x W x D) [Approx.] 4-11/16" x 3-5/32" x 2-11/16"
Center Configuration 1-way 1-speaker, Bass-reflex
Center Speaker Unit 2-1/2" Full Range, Cone Type
Center Weight (lb.) [Approx.] 1.32
Center Dimensions (H x W x D) [Approx.] 3-11/32" x 5-23/32" x 2-13/16"
Surround Configuration 1-way 1-speaker, Bass-reflex
Surround Speaker Unit 2-1/2" Full Range, Cone Type
Surround Weight (lb.) [Approx.] 0.88
Surround Dimensions (H x W x D) [Approx.] 4-11/16" x 3-5/32" x 2-11/16"
Subwoofer Configuration Bass-Reflex Type
Subwoofer Speaker Unit 6-1/2" Woofer (Cone Type)
Subwoofer Dimensions (H x W x D) [Approx.] 11-13/32" x 5-23/32" x 10-5/32"
Weight (lb.) [Approx.] 6.0
Dimensions (H x W x D) [Approx.] 2-1/8" x 16-15/16" x 11-5/16"